What leaves us 2018

Thanks to the support and trust received by our commercial network, the human team of COPELE, have achieved important personal and collective goals, and with it, considerable improvements for the sector, generating more and better opportunities for our clients.

As a balance, we can highlight the following.

Start-up of two welding robots, to achieve the highest quality in our production.

Express logistics consolidation, with normal deliveries in 48 hours, in exceptional conditions. This allows our distributors to work with reduced or no stock.

Assistance to the largest international fairs. Our direct participation in fairs in a more representative way, has taken place in INTERZOO, where PetiPop was presented as the COPELE brand focused on pets, presenting novelties such as the line of stainless steel/melamine feeders and drinkers, the line of harnesses and leashes for dogs Esparta.

In VIV EUROPE, COPELE, surprised with an audiovisual montage shown with special 3D glasses, from rabbit farms, poultry farms and mobile pens for ecological poultry farming.

As a result of the success of these events, today we are present in 35 countries, and our exports have had an increase of 30%.

Incorporation of 180 new references with a view to the 60th anniversary of COPELE in 2019. 180 new opportunities, which have come to swell our catalog, of which we highlight the following:

  1. Twenty stainless steel plates with different sets of colorful design, and five sizes, adapting to any taste and need.
  2. Four different harnesses for dogs in all possible sizes, and with the highest quality in the fabric and its finishes.
  3. Automatic feeder "Dosidog", with capacity of 20 and 50 liters, with a new programmable system for the quantity and frequency necessary for the balanced feeding of the dog. The system is adaptable to our line of traditional hoppers, for its transformation to automatic with a minimum cost, and to be able to dispense feed from one to twenty times a day.
  4. Automatic feeder for hens "Safeed", which is already considered in social networks by experts as the best feeder of chickens for hobby farm, since it has a reliable mechanism, which prevents any rodent or bird can access the feed, and avoid its possible contamination. With its design it has also achieved a comfortable use for the hen, without stress due to its low noise, maximum cleaning of the food, and great comfort for the user, since it is served fully assembled.
  5. "Eco" drinker 8 and 10 liters with bottom cap for easy filling without disassembling the tank plate, having to disassemble only for internal cleaning.
  6. 1L feeder and drinker for small birds or first-age chicks, is a very effective and economical alternative.
  7. Metal poultry hopper of 5, 10 and 20kg capacity with legs. This exclusive system allows with great ease to have 4 different heights, isolating the hopper from soil moisture and dirt, and adapting it to the most comfortable position for the animal.
  8. Line of nests with legs of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 departments, on one or two sides. This alternative allows us a great mobility in the nest, without losing the solidity of any fixed anchor.
  9. Range of stainless steel drinkers of 2, 5, 9 and 13 liters, for birds, providing clean water and total resistance to rust and breakages by freezing water.
  10. "MegaCuni" The latest generation in industrial rabbit farming, to achieve increases of up to 25% more productivity to equal investment.

For everything that happened in the past year, we want to convey our gratitude, by sharing our hopes and dreams of improvement, with the confidence that in 2019, coinciding with our 60th ANNIVERSARY, you will join us and accompany those same feelings.

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