Mobile Farmyards

COPELE is a company committed to sustainability and changes in the needs of our customers. That is why we have developed a solution for BIO production in the poultry sector, with our mobile pens and all our equipment we provide a comprehensive service to producers who want to produce both BROILERS and organic eggs.

The movement capacity of our mobile pens means that the land can be renewed once the resources have been consumed, favoring the natural regeneration of the land. The mobility of these pens also allows the birds to peck fresh ground and take advantage of their nutrients as an extra contribution to the feed, grazing the birds through a safe way thanks to our electric fences that prevent other animals from accessing the enclosure, It makes animal welfare totally complete and in a 100% natural habitat.

Undoubtedly, at COPELE we are committed to sustainable and increasingly respectful animal production, for the benefit of the consumer who will be able to enjoy more quality products that are beneficial to their health.

Mobile Farmyards

Mobile Farmyard "Continental"

The mobile farmyard is designed to develop a sustainable and ecological production, with the aim of differentiating itself from industrial production and pursuing the production of healthy products for people who consume them, as a proposal that unites the needs and demands that society poses to us today, through an alternative and sustainable economy.
Mobile chicken caravan with interior dimensions 150x180 cm; suitable for 25 to 30 hens. Includes tilting drinkers with a 55 litre tank and 4 laying nest with easy egg collection.
This mobile farm yard is designed for free-range or organic poultry farming in a space of 11 m2. It is the perfect housing for 100-120 hens, protecting them from the cold/hot weather, weather phenomena, predators, etc. 

Mobile SAS

Compartment that helps to improve hygienic entry and exit to a mobile farmyard or any livestock house. Ideal for limiting the introduction and spread of viruses in poultry or other livestock. Made of sandwich panel. Includes anti-slip phenolic panel floor and 2 doors (1 at at each end).
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