Bird Drinkers

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Bird Drinkers

Bird Drinker "Mini"

Automatic bird drinker made of 100% polished plastic. Its cup is designed for all types of birds and its sloping form makes any dirt fall to the removable easy to clean bottom plug, preserving the quality of the water. At the end of the cup is the tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Bird Drinkers

Automatic Drinker for Birds

Birds automatic drinker that has a valve which is activated with the minimum contact of the bird beak. The exit flow is small avoiding stress or scary to the animal when drinking water. It is an ideal product for breeders, because it admits an automatic water circuit with tubes, connections, filters and faucets.
Tank made of highly resistant and translucent polished plastic to check the water level. Made with a plastic flange, so it can be fixed to the wire wall of the cage, ensuring the stability of the tank. Ideal for Acuabird automatic drinker (code 90821). ** Drinker not included.
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