Dog Facilities

The best solutions for building modular residences for dogs fully equipped with doors and fences made of mesh, metal bars or even PVC. Our solutions offer excellent quality and facilities that assembly is quick and easy.

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Dog Facilities

Kennels "Resid-Dogs"

The kennels "Resid-Dogs" are the ideal solution for the construction of facilities for dog care. Resid-Dogs are perfectly suited for professional breeders, veterinarians, dog training centers and dog hotels, etc.
Dog Boxes

Dog Boxes Front

Select the type of front that want to design for dog boxes according to your needs and available space. You can choose the length of the front, type of material and if you want to include feeders or not.
Select the type of side panel that best suits your needs. Our dog boxes solutions have a incredibly flexible design allowing it to fit perfectly to different environmental conditions or available space. You can choose the length of the side panel and type of material.
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