Kennels "Resid-Dogs"

The kennels "Resid-Dogs" are the ideal solution for the construction of facilities for dog care. Resid-Dogs are perfectly suited for professional breeders, veterinarians, dog training centers and dog hotels, etc.

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"Resid-Dogs" Features

  • Bolted structure made on hot-dip galvanized IPE beam.
  • Cover sandwich panel (plate-polyurethane-plate) of 30 mm. thick, with mobile ridge to facilitate the ventilation inside.
  • Possibility of double ceiling to hide the structure.
  • Sandwich panel enclosures (plate-polyurethane-plate) of 40 mm. thick, polycarbonate windows of 8 mm, double-hung central opening through manual lathes (possibility of double glazed swing windows).
  • Frontispiece equipped with access doors 1.50 x 0.90 meters wide and 2 meters high (one in each gear).
  • Possibility of mounting the enclosure on the outside or inside part of the pillars.
  • Exits to the outside of animals through sash windows practicable from the central inside aisle.
  • It is not necessary to melt tie plates in the perimetral shoe foundation, since the structure is fixed with expansion metal anchor or chemical anchor.

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