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Poultry Feeders

Broiler Feeder

Broiler feeder ideal for chickens and also ducks, designed to avoid wasting food leftovers and allowing it to be mixed with any supplement or mixture of grains. Its curved finishes make it very easy to clean and it includes legs that prevent oxidation due to moisture on the floor.
Pigeon Drinkers

Plastic Drinker / Feeder for Birds

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Drinker or feeder for pigeons or birds made entirely of plastic whose design allows easy and quick cleaning. Ideal for water or for any type of food thanks to its internal inclination at the base that facilitates access for the bird. Its exclusive fastening ring allows it to be installed in any type of cage, metal mesh or panel very simply.
Poultry Feeders

"Safeed" Automatic Poultry Feeder

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Poultry hopper feeder designed to be open with mechanical action. Its design avoids rodents and other birds to contaminate or waste the food.
Poultry Feeders

Two-sided "Safeed" chicken feeder

Latest generation hopper feeder with two-sided mechanical drive for poultry, designed to prevent rodents or birds from accessing the food, or from spilling and wasting it.
Poultry Feeders

Recycled plastic poultry feeders

Feeder made from 100% recycled, highly resistant plastic. Ideal for chickens and other poultry. Its design allows it to be lightweight and easy to hang. Removable top cover with large top opening for filling feed.
Poultry Feeders

Plastic Poultry Hoppers

Plastic poultry hoppers and for other birds of great strength and versatility which is composed of four pieces for assembly: tank, plate, hanging loop and anti-waste-ring that prevents birds from digging in the food so it won't fall to the floor giving higher profits.
Poultry Feeders

Poultry Feeder with Legs

Feeder for hens with a capacity of 20, 30 and 40 liters and made entirely of high impact plastic, which guarantees great resistance and durability to withstand environmental conditions keeping the chickens' food clean and fresh.
Poultry Feeders

Metal Poultry Feeder

Poultry hopper feeder made entirely of galvanized steel with a handle for hanging and easy transportation of food. It has three different heights to regulate the output of the feed and all endings are rounded to avoid cuts or any kind of injury to animals.
Poultry Feeders

Poultry Feeder 1 Kg

Feeder for partridges and chicks, with translucent plastic deposit that allows to check the level of food, the union of the dish to the tank is done by screwing preventing it from detaching. The plate is removable for easy filling and designed to avoid wasting food.
Poultry Feeders

Poultry Corral Feeder

Feeder for chickens, hens and other birds, made of resistant galvanized in its outdoor exposure, also available with legs and supports, to facilitate the access of chickens to the feed, has a folding mesh that prevents chickens from perching on him and dirty the feed.
Poultry Feeders

Plastic Feeder for Chickens

Feeder for first-aged chicks, designed in a linear format to allow access to several chicks. Its anti-perched plastic cover prevents chicks from soiling the food, while functioning as an anti-waste.
Poultry Feeders

Metallic Feeder for Chickens

Hen feeders linear in galvanized sheet metal, with grid or anti-perched rotary head system, which prevents chickens from drit the food or dig in it causing waste. In lengths of 50 and 100 centimeters to suit any volume of chickens.
Poultry Feeders

Laying Hens Feeders

Feeder for cage of laying hens with capacity for 9, 12 and 15 hens respectively. Made with galvanized and white lacquered sheet metal and plastic sides that fit the cage mesh.
Poultry Feeders

1st age chicken water plate

Food plate for first-aged chicks, made of 100% polished plastic, effective for feeding a large number of chicks due to their low height design, allowing easy entry into the food.
Poultry Feeders

Anti-Stress Poultry Food Dispenser

This product is designed so that the chicken stings the food to obtain the grain lodged in the spring. It is a product that is installed in any tank or bucket, making a hole in the base with the same diameter as the anti-stress spring. It is suitable for any type of grain and you can regulate the spring to be able to introduce grain of greater thickness.
Poultry Feeders


30155 - 30156 - 30157
Outdoor poultry feeder that can be hung up or placed on the ground. The top lid is hinged and has a click lock to prevent it from opening easily, it also has a circular glass to see the amount of food available. It incorporates a hinged visor that acts as a protector and is adjustable up to 3 levels. Prevents the feed from getting wet in light rain....
Poultry Feeders

Plastic nozzle anti-waste feeder

It includes 2 anti-waste inlets made of resistant plastic that can be installed in any bird feeder that has been previously prepared for this purpose. This system prevents the feed from being thrown away and only what is necessary for consumption is used.
Poultry Feeders

Hanging Feeder for Poultry

Hanging fodder for poultry made of galvanised sheet metal. It is ideal for keeping the hens' feed at a sufficient height to avoid dirt and rodents.
ripod with universal design that provides height for all types of feeders, drinkers and poultry feeders. It is ideal for keeping animal feed high up to avoid dirt and waste of feed. In addition, it has adjustable legs and a hanger according to the height we need.
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