Rabbit Accessories

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Rabbit Accessories

Plastic Bottle "Mini" Drinker

Bouteille en plastique translucide qui permet de contrôler le niveau de l’eau. Elle possède un large trou pour faciliter le remplissage d’eau. Elle comprend un fil de fer pour la maintenir attachée et l’empêcher de tomber.
Rabbit Accessories

Float for Mixed Drinker

Plastic bottle for the mixed drinker for pultry or rabbits, with a capacity of 2 liters of water. Its translucent tone allows you to easily see the level of the water fill.
Rabbit Accessories

Plastic Grid-Foot-Rest

Plastic leg rest grid, for the rest of the rabbits. Avoid scratches or wounds on the rabbit's legs, easy installation by means of plastic screws and openings that facilitate the fall of excrement and urine.
Rabbit Accessories

Plastic relaxation grid cuni- 12

Plastic grid that is fixed in any of our industrial modules, in order to create a plastic surface that improves the welfare of the animal by improving its comfort. It reduces the probability of bad legs, so it reduces infections and this influences a better productivity of the animal.
Rabbit Accessories


Plancher en plastique de haute résistance pour les cages à lapins, réalisé en ouvertures pour l’évacuation de l’urine et des excréments et support en plastique pour le soutien dans la cage. IL est composé de deux pièces réunies pour former une seule surface adaptée aux pattes des lapins.
Rabbit Accessories

Metal floor for rabbit cage

Metal floor for rabbit cages, removable for easy cleaning and manufactured with multiple perforations, to evacuate urine and excrement from rabbits, allowing the cage to be kept clean and dry.
Rabbit Accessories

Metal Floor Mod. B

Metallic floor for rabbit cages with perforations for the rapid evacuation of excrement. Easily removable for cleaning and quick placement in the cage, letting it rest on the bottom supported by the wire bends. It is resistant to oxidation and can be easily washed. thanks to its galvanized material.
Rabbit Accessories

Collecting Tray "Penta"

Collecting tray made of galvanized sheet metal, resistant to corrosion of urine and rabbit excrement. Easy to install for the "Penta" line cages for rabbits, it can also be adapted to any home-made cage. The drip tray is necessary for double-deck mounts, these are hooked to the upper basket keeping the lower baskets clean.
Rabbit Accessories

Cup Logis Drinker

Cup for the Logis rabbit drinker. Made of stainless steel and with rounded edges that prevent wear from rabbit bites.
Rabbit Accessories

Rubber for mixed buoy drinker

Rubber for the hermetic closing of the mixed float drinker for birds and rabbits. This replacement allows the correct closure of the water flow when the desired water level is achieved.
Rabbit Accessories

Collecting tray for males cylinder

Collecting tray for the male cylinder cage that facilitates the collection of waste from the rabbits, facilitating cleaning and maintenance without dirtying the floor under the cage.
Rabbit Accessories

Feeder for males cylinder

Metallic forage for the male cylinder, made with openings for placement in the wire mesh, allowing the feeding of the forage to the rabbits.
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