Electric Fencing

Find here solutions of electric shepherds for pets and livestock that fit dogs and cats as for horses, sheep, rabbits and birds. Our solutions adapt to any type of environment and environmental conditions.

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Electric Fencing
  • Energisers
    <p>Our electric fencing solutions allow the animal to learn to avoid and respect fences as a limitation or separation through harmless electric impulses.</p>
  • Drivers
    <p>Find here all the solutions for the installation of conductors for electric shepherds that fit all types of animals, terrains and lengths. Ribbon conductors, wire conductors and mesh conductors for all needs.</p>
  • Insolators
    <p>Find here our wide selection of insulators for electric shepherds and electric fences for all types of pets or livestock and in any type of terrain.</p>
  • Posts
    <p>Find here all the posts for the implementation of electric shepherds designed for a quick and comfortable installation for wires, tapes and meshes. The poles in plastic or fiberglass offer an optimal and fast implementation and maximum durability even in extreme conditions.</p>
  • Batteries
    <p>Find here all batteries and batteries for electric shepherds designed for a long service life and easy and fast implementation of closures with wires, tapes or conductive meshes.</p>
  • Accessories
    <p>Find here all the accessories and other items for installation, maintenance and protection of laying electric fences for farm animals and pets.</p>

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