Our electric fencing solutions allow the animal to learn to avoid and respect fences as a limitation or separation through harmless electric impulses.

The Trapper AN12 is a combined electric fence energiser for operating with 12V batteries or connected to the power supply to 230V. It is ideal for starter projects and for the professional care of animals such as horses, cows, pigs, dogs and cats.

Energiser RANGER N420 230V

Our "off-road" appliances are also suitable for dry soil. The ranger models have three connections. Next to the ground exit there are two exits for the fence, one for normal fences and a second for small fences or for a paddok.

Energiser SCOUT N2 230V

The most effective method to scare away pigeons is the use of electrical systems in combination with a special pulse generator as Horizont "Scout N2". This system of electric fencing is nearly invisible and can be installed with flexible conductors in all buildings.

Energiser Trapper N15 230V

A small but effective 230V electric shepherd with net connection, designed for houses and pens. It is suitable for fencing cats, dogs or small animals and to protect from animals to plantations as well as short fencing for horses. Specially developed as an absolutely safe system for people and animals.
Battery recharging device, 1.4J input, 1.0J max. Of output. For fences without vegetation up to 10 km and up to 1.2 km with vegetation Accumulator control indicator-three-level signal for more precise information. Large solar panel. The solar plaque is foldable so you can carry the energiser easily. **Battery not included.
Dual electric fence energiser input 1.6J, 1.0J max. output. For fences with a length up to 8 km without vegetation and up to 1.2 km with high vegetation. Included in the delivery: Kit with ground cable and enclosure with reinforced plastic sheath.
Green use of solar energy with built-in solar accumulator of 12V and indicator of the control of the accumulator, signal of three levels for more precise information with automatic regulation of solar charge. It has 230V sockets to maintain the built-in 12V accumulator charge.

Energiser Trapper B12 9/12V

Specially designed for fencing horses and similar animals. It is easy to install, especially for beginners. Good performance / price ratio. With an attractive design. Safe for use with horses.
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