Pigeon Feeders

COPELE pigeon feeders adapt to all types of needs and environments for the breeding and care of pigeons. Made with the best materials our feeders allow to control the food of the pigeons in a fast and safe way.

Pigeon Drinkers

Plastic Drinker / Feeder for Birds

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Drinker or feeder for pigeons or birds made entirely of plastic whose design allows easy and quick cleaning. Ideal for water or for any type of food thanks to its internal inclination at the base that facilitates access for the bird. Its exclusive fastening ring allows it to be installed in any type of cage, metal mesh or panel very simply.
Pigeon Feeders

Feeder-Hopper for Pigeons

Plastic pigeon feeder with folding lid for easy filling, a straight base for easy positioning on flat surfaces and wide access to pigeons to the feeder with a visor that prevents waste.
Poultry Feeders

Plastic Feeder for Chickens

Feeder for first-aged chicks, designed in a linear format to allow access to several chicks. Its anti-perched plastic cover prevents chicks from soiling the food, while functioning as an anti-waste.
Poultry Feeders

Metal Poultry Feeder

Poultry hopper feeder made entirely of galvanized steel with a handle for hanging and easy transportation of food. It has three different heights to regulate the output of the feed and all endings are rounded to avoid cuts or any kind of injury to animals.
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