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Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage "Penta 2"

Rabbits breeding cage with centralized forage rack of small size fully developed high-strength galvanized sheet, which makes it very versatile and functional in confined spaces. The rabbit cage "Penta 2" comes fully equipped with feed hoppers and automatic waterers for its two departments.
Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage "Penta 3"

Rabbit Cage with central forage rack for 2 or 3 departments and over 1.5 meters in length, completely made with high strength galvanized sheet, ideal for maternity stage or fattening of young rabbits. Rabbit cage "Penta 3" comes fully equipped with feed hoppers and automatic waterers for all departments.
Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage "Penta 4"

Rabbit Cage with central forage rack of 2 or 4 departments and over 2 m in length, completely made of galvanized sheet high strength, ideal for fattening young rabbits in larger quantities in 2 apartments or stage of maternity in 4 departments. Rabbit cage "Penta 4" comes fully equipped with feed hoppers and automatic waterers for all departments.
Rabbit Cages

Cylinder for buck mod-78

Special cage for male. Challenge of this cage is easier reproduction between rabbits. holes in floor to provide better stabilitys to the male and without any corner where females can not be to take cover. We have gotten the best cage to improve the reproduction in rabbits
Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage "Milan"

Rabbit cage made of rust and corrosion resistant galvanised wire. It has a hinged door at the top, with ample space for handling the rabbits. Opening in the front part to be able to hang a feeder with two compartments, in the external part to facilitate the filling of feed.
Rabbit Cages

Rabbit Cage "Marsella"

Rabbit cage made of reinforced galvanized wire and includes a hopper feeder with three large-capacity holes (3 to 4 Kg approximately). It has an opening on the front and has the possibility to install with or without legs and to adapt with a nest for the breeding of rabbits.
Rabbit Cages

Rabbits Basket "Bruselas"

Panier individuel pour lapins, en fil de fer galvanisé et conçu pour l’élevage des lapereaux. Mangeoire de nourrissage extérieur pour profiter du máximum de lapereaux dans le panier. Porte dans la partie supérieure pour la manipulation des lapereaux.
Animal transport cage specially designed for transporting rabbits. Its great thickness of wire has a high resistance allowing them to be stackable at the required height.
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