Pigeon Nests

COPELE pigeon nests are designed with the aim of providing the security and comfort necessary for pigeons to grow and develop healthy.

Pigeon Nests

Felt Nest

Nest for pigeons with base of galvanized sheet that counts on an independent support so that the nest can be washed without any problem.
Pigeon Nests

Plastic Nest for Pigeons

Nid de pigeon en plastique. Sa base rugueuse permet d’installer un tapis sans qu’il ne glisse, assurant le confort du pigeon et sa conception avec des ondulations, permet une bonne manipulation du nid.
Pigeon Nests

Mat for Pigeon Nest

Mat for pigeon nests made with polyester fiber on the top and with recycled material on the bottom, soft for the placement of the eggs and at the same time resistant so that the pigeon can not undo or break the mat.
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