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Pigeon Drinkers

Plastic Drinker / Feeder for Birds

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Drinker or feeder for pigeons or birds made entirely of plastic whose design allows easy and quick cleaning. Ideal for water or for any type of food thanks to its internal inclination at the base that facilitates access for the bird. Its exclusive fastening ring allows it to be installed in any type of cage, metal mesh or panel very simply.
Hunting Drinkers

Plastic partridges Drinker floor

Drinker for partridges in the field. Designed in high resistance plastic, for outdoor exhibition. Low pressure semi-automatic drinking trough with water supply by means of a tank. Access to the water by means of a non-slip ramp, preventing them from soiling the water. Includes metal nails to fix the drinking trough to the ground, preventing it from being...
Hunting Drinkers

Concrete partridges Drinker floor

Pigeons drinking trough for field or breeding farms. Made of polished concrete, to avoid water leaks and of great weight to avoid theft of several units. Low pressure semi-automatic. Racord with horizontal outlet for 10mm flexible rubber connection. Removable metal cover to protect the buoy from dirt, for correct operation.
Poultry Drinkers

Poultry Drinker "Mini"

Automatic poultry drinker made of 100% polished plastic. Its cup is designed for all types of chickens or hens and its sloping form makes any dirt fall to the removable easy to clean bottom plug, preserving the quality of the water. At the end of the cup is the tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Hunting Drinkers

Partridges Linear Drinker "Combi"

Linear drinker for partridges and other birds made with 8 contact sensitive valves so that birds can easily drink water. It includes a water regulating tank, allowing to level the water flow by regulating the pressure.
Hunting Drinkers

Partridges Automatic Drinker

Abreuvoir automatique pour perdrix et autres volailles. Fabriqué en tôle galvanisée résistant à la rouille due aux conditions environnementales lorsqu’il est utilisé à l’extérieur. IL est muni de pattes pour la régulation de sa hauteur en fonction de la croissance des perdrix. Disponible en 1 m et 2 m.
Pigeon Drinkers

Drinker for Chickens

Semi-automatic chick drinkers made of high resistance plastic, its reduced height of the plate prevents chicks from accidentally drowning. The drinker is available with or without legs.
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