The best products for breeding hens, ecological or poultry. All our products, such as cages, feeders, waterers, and other accessories are designed and manufactured in-house under strict quality controls to give the chickens the best possible conditions for breeding and egg laying.

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Poultry Feeders


30155 - 30156 - 30157
Outdoor poultry feeder that can be hung up or placed on the ground. The top lid is hinged and has a click lock to prevent it from opening easily, it also has a circular glass to see the amount of food available. It incorporates a hinged visor that acts as a protector and is adjustable up to 3 levels. Prevents the feed from getting wet in light rain....
Poultry Accessories


Circular tool to be installed on the drill to make holes in any tank. It has a diameter of 94 mm for the installation of the plastic inlet to obtain an anti-waste bird feeder.
Poultry Accessories


Perch for chicks made of phenolic resistant to humidity and weathering. It is composed of three plastic bars that serve as support for the chicks. This same design is available in three different sizes, for more or less number of chicks (cod. 30951, 30961, 30962).
This starter kit contains everything you need to set up your first home farm. It includes: - Egg tray for storing and transporting eggs. - 2.5L plastic feed shovel - “Comfort" indoor laying nest - ECO Recycled plastic poultry drinker with legs 5L - ECO Recycled plastic feeder with legs 4KG *Chickens not included.
Poultry Accessories

Egg Box with Handle Translucent

30878 - 30879
Egg tray with integrated handle, made of translucent plastic. It has a safety lock and a capacity of 12 eggs.  *Included in the Free-Range starter kit (cod. 30964).
Poultry Drinkers

Drinking Plastic Bucket 5,5L

Cube-shaped drinking trough made of plastic, its design with a carrying handle allows it to be tipped onto the surface and rested on it to become a drinking trough for animals. It has a safety lock with 5 anchors.
Hunting Feeders

Outdoor Partridges Hooper

Feeder-Hopper for partridges, made of galvanized and painted sheet metal. This product is designed for outdoor display and allows partridges to access the feed from both sides of the feeder with a visor that prevents water from entering. The wire rack inside the feeder prevents the birds from wasting the feed and two handles on both sides facilitate their...
Egg Incubators

Nanny Hen chicks heater

Chick heater that simulates an artificial hen to heat the chicks through an electrical resistance. Its circular design resembles the shape of hens when hatching and its adjustment system also allows us to put one side lower than the other, thus multiplying the versatility of the product for different sizes of chicks.
Poultry Accessories

Automatic Chicken Coop Door

This Automatic Chicken Coop Door enables you to schedule the opening of the coop door safely. This elevator incorporates a timer with a wide range of options to schedule the opening or closing time of the chicken coop.
This mobile farm yard is designed for free-range or organic poultry farming in a space of 11 m2. It is the perfect housing for 100-120 hens, protecting them from the cold/hot weather, weather phenomena, predators, etc. 
Metal hopper feeder with legs, ideal for poultry. Capacity approx. 10kg of feed. Includes protective lid to protect the feed from rain and sun. It includes an anti-waste ring.

Mobile SAS

Compartment that helps to improve hygienic entry and exit to a mobile farmyard or any livestock house. Ideal for limiting the introduction and spread of viruses in poultry or other livestock. Made of sandwich panel. Includes anti-slip phenolic panel floor and 2 doors (1 at at each end).
New nest made of 100% single-department plastic, designed for users who have no more than six hens and are looking for a clean and simple solution for their hens to hatch their eggs in a natural way. It consists of two parts, the body and the tray. The body is cylindrical in shape and is characterised by its robustness, design and ventilation at the top...
Kit of legs for metal poultry hoppers of 5, 10 and 20 Kg. Made of plastic. Their ergonomic design makes them fit perfectly to the hopper, leaving the ideal height to avoid any kind of dirt.
Automatic chicken coop door with automatic opening and closing. It is made of weatherproof galvanised metal and has a timer with opening both morning and night, this can be combined with its light sensor, turning it into up to four control modes. It also has a battery-powered LCD panel where we can program the multiple options of the door.

Chicken perch for floor

Perch for poultry, such as chickens. Made of strong, durable galvanised sheet metal. It consists of bars to support the poultry. Size 11.7 linear metres.
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