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"Nanny Hen" Chicks Heater

Chick heater that simulates an artificial hen to heat the chicks through an electrical resistance. Its circular design resembles the shape of hens when hatching and its adjustment system also allows us to put one side lower than the other, thus multiplying the versatility of the product for different sizes of chicks.

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Nanny Hen is a chick heater that thanks to its round shape design and three legs on the outside, there is much more surface area so that the chicks remain with their heads out, and their bodies within the heat zone which is their natural position. The heat is concentrated mainly in the larger diameter, so that the chicks can stay in the center and do not suffer a thermal shock.

  • Circular design to simulate the natural spread of heat from the hen.
  • Three-legged stand for greater stability on uneven terrain.
  • Its adjustable legs give it greater versatility to be used simultaneously with chicks of different sizes.
  • Larger heat spreading surface. Better efficiency.
  • Ring-shaped heat spread avoids thermal shock of chicks in the middle.
  • The chicks retain their natural instinct to cluster in circles and turn facing out of the heater.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
ø35,5x19,5 cm
Approximate Unit Weigth
860 g
Box Units
Box Measures
38x38x6 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
1100 g
Recommended Animals
24 chicks
220 V
18 W


Nanny Hen Technical Sheet

Technical Sheet - Nanny Hen Chick Heater

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