Backyard Livestock


Meet all our products for backyard livestock specialized in poultry, rabbits, sheep and pigs.

Industrial Livestock


We develop projects for the construction of facilities for intensive breeding of hens, rabbits and canine facilities.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Products for all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to horses, hamsters, birds and pigeons.

Other Products

Other Products

Complementary tools and products for animal control and for cultivation in urban environments.

Manufacturing the Best Products since 1959

With over 60 years experience in industry, COPELE manufactures livestock equipment, accessories and supplies specialized in dogs, pigeons and birds always under the premise of the highest quality and durability of its products. In livestock We are specialists in industrial buildings and warehouses for poultry and rabbit breeding as well as all cages, drinkers, feeders and accessories for chickens and rabbits.