• Mobile Farmyard

    Mobile Farmyard

    The best alternative for organic and sustainable poultry production.

  • Cages for Hens

    Cages for Hens

    We manufacture all types of chicken coops along with their respective accessories for both large industries and individuals poultry farmers or hobbyists.

  • Rabbit Breeding

    Industrial Rabbit Breeding

    Find here all products of our industrial line of rabbit breeding from design and assembly of industrial buildings to specialized systems such as cages and automatic feeding and watering equipment.

  • Dog Feeders

    Dog Feeders

    Meet our range of feeders and food hoppers for dogs and cats. Products 100% designed and manufactured by COPELE with the best quality to ensure an adequate supply of food and maintain health and vitality of your pet.

Backyard Livestock


Meet all our products for backyard livestock specialized in poultry, rabbits, sheep and pigs.


Industrial Livestock


We develop projects for the construction of facilities for intensive breeding of hens, rabbits and canine facilities.


Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

We manufacture products for all kinds of pets, from dogs and cats to horses, hamsters, birds and pigeons.


Other Products

Other Products

Complementary tools and products for animal control and for cultivation in urban environments.


Manufacturing the Best Products since 1959

With over 55 years experience in industry, COPELE manufactures livestock equipment, accessories and supplies specialized in dogs, pigeons and birds always under the premise of the highest quality and durability of its products. In livestock We are specialists in industrial buildings and warehouses for poultry and rabbit breeding as well as all cages, drinkers, feeders and accessories for chickens and rabbits.

  • Poultry hopper feeder designed to be open with mechanical action. Its design avois rodents and other birds to contaminate or waste the food.

  • Galvanized Vistero for the practice of pigeons sports, made of wire and galvanized sheet of first quality that is composed of a cabin with a guillotine door and 2 platforms that make when the pigeon male enters attracts the pigeon female activating the device to drop the door When the pigeon female enters, the door falls, leaving both pigeons inside.

  • With elegant design and advanced features, the Lumia 8 incubator is an easy and intuitive machine to use. Intended for both professional breeders and individuals. Made with very resistant thermo-insulating ABS plastic, which offers the incubator a solid structure. Equipped with a variable automatic egg turner.

  • Mat for pigeon nests made with polyester fiber on the top and with recycled material on the bottom, soft for the placement of the eggs and at the same time resistant so that the pigeon can not undo or break the mat.

  • High quality transparent plastic anti-waste feeder with a capacity of 250 grams. It adapts to all types of cages that use individual bird feeders. It is made of two parts, one of them is attached to the cage and the other is a deposit that can be easily put on and taken out through guides. The feeder is filled by lifting the lid located on top of it.

  • Plastic clip that fits easily in the bars of the cage and is designed to hold fruit, snacks, vegetables or anything else your pet needs. It is a resistant and very useful accessory, valid for any type of cage.

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    Feeder and drinker combined in a single piece of melamine with removable stainless steel plates for easy cleaning and ensure its long life. It has a non-slip base that makes it more comfortable for your pet.

  • Feeders for dogs or cats made in melamine and with removable stainless steel plates for easy cleaning. Its ergonomic design with side handles makes it easy to handle and is very safe thanks to its non-slip base.

  • Compact Ovoscope, very light, versatile and easy to transport. Its LED technology ensures a long service life, a power of 3W and a large luminous capacity of 90 Lumen. Includes AAA batteries.

  • Portable drinker ideal to travel and walk with your pet and always have clean and fresh water available. Easy to fill and transport thanks to its design, it also allows your pet to drink water without wasting it using its dispensing base. Available in 250, 500 and 750 ml.

  • Feeders for dogs or cats made in melamine and with removable stainless steel plates for easy cleaning. Its ergonomic design with side handles makes it easy to handle and is very safe thanks to its non-slip base.

  • Hopper with opening access to food triggered by the hen's weight, preventing birds and rodents from accessing it.

  • The mobile farmyard is designed to develop a sustainable and ecological production, with the aim of differentiating itself from industrial production and pursuing the production of healthy products for people who consume them, as a proposal that unites the needs and demands that society poses to us today, through an alternative and sustainable economy.

  • Drinkers made with antibacterial plastic of high resistance, ideal for chickens and all kinds of poultry in different capacities and available with or without legs for any type of terrain or way of use on the ground or hanging.

  • AVICOPE is a bird park whose characteristics and dimensions represents the ideal habitatfor broilers, breeding, or exotic birds in suburban or rural environments.

  • One of the dog automatic hoppers more reliable and resilient on the market, manufactured and designed for the most extreme conditions. With a product design that hosts a motor capable of spraying solid rocks to waive any existing dog food grain. This hopper is electrically powered and contains a battery to keep it running even if voltage drops.

  • Cages battery for laying hens type California in collective sections of 4 chickens per section equipped with galvanized and lacquered feeders, and drinkers. It additionally includes: Anti-waste inside the feeder Feeder made of lacquered steel plate. Protective the egg tray. Egg separators for each section.

  • Pigeon cage 2 departments, configurable in batteries of 1, 3 or 4 heights. Suitable for exhibition, breeding and molting of pigeons. Made of galvanized and lacquered sheet and galvanized wire for enhanced durability.

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55 years manufacturing with the best quality

COPELE is a company located in Murcia, Spain. With over 55 years of history we are a company dedicated to the manufacture of livestock equipment: cages, automatic feeders, drinkers, pet nests, and facilities for rabbits, poultry and livestock.

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