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With more than 60 years in the sector, we are a benchmark for innovation of new products for poultry and pets.


We dedicate our efforts to developing products of the highest quality and utility, always looking after the environment and animal welfare.


With more than 2500 distributors nationwide and a presence in more than 30 countries, we guarantee a constant supply, after-sales service and unmatched advice.

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Poultry Feeders

"Safeed" Automatic Poultry Feeder

2 Reviews
Poultry hopper feeder designed to be open with mechanical action. Its design avoids rodents and other birds to contaminate or waste the food.
Mobile Farmyards

Mobile Farmyard "Continental"

The mobile farmyard is designed to develop a sustainable and ecological production, with the aim of differentiating itself from industrial production and pursuing the production of healthy products for people who consume them, as a proposal that unites the needs and demands that society poses to us today, through an alternative and sustainable economy.
Dog Feeders

"Dosidog" Automatic Feeder

Automatic feeder for dosing feed for dogs with a capacity of 50 and 20 liters made of of high quality galvanized sheet, with capacity for up to 20 daily doses.
Poultry Feeders

Metal Poultry Feeder

Poultry hopper feeder made entirely of galvanized steel with a handle for hanging and easy transportation of food. It has three different heights to regulate the output of the feed and all endings are rounded to avoid cuts or any kind of injury to animals.
The new laying nest with legs is designed to be placed anywhere in the chicken coop or corral, raised from the ground and without having to be fixed to the wall. It has a new bucket that allows each department to be independently manipulated from the outside, allowing to extract both the bucket and the sheet cover to facilitate cleaning, maintenance and...
Laying Nests

Plastic Laying Nest "Confort"

Nous présentons le nouveau pondoir fabriqué 100% en plastique d’un compartiment. Conçu pour les utilisateurs qui n’ont pas plus de six poules et qui recherchent une solution propre et simple pour que leurs poules puissent pondre leurs oeufs et les garder propres et sûrs.
Dog Drinkers

"Cleansy" Dog Drinker

1 Reviews
Stainless steel automatic drinker for all kinds of dogs that is screwed to the wall with great comfort for the animal. Its plate, also in stainless steel, is easily removable, which allows it to be cleaned separately, guaranteeing better water quality.

Manufacturing the Best Products since 1959

With over 60 years experience in industry, COPELE manufactures livestock equipment, accessories and supplies specialized in dogs, pigeons and birds always under the premise of the highest quality and durability of its products.

In livestock We are specialists in industrial buildings and warehouses for poultry and rabbit breeding as well as all cages, drinkers, feeders and accessories for chickens and rabbits.

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innovation and continuous improvement

Poultry Drinkers


Cube-shaped drinking trough made of plastic, its design with a carrying handle allows it to be tipped onto the surface and rested on it to become a drinking trough for animals. It has a safety lock with 5 anchors.


30953 - 30955
We present the new laying nest made of 100% plastic of one section, designed for users who have no more than six chickens and are looking for a clean and simple solution for their chickens to lay eggs and keep them clean and safe.
This starters kit contains everything you need to set up your first home farm. It includes: - Egg tray for storing and transporting eggs. - 2.5L plastic feed shovel - “Comfort" indoor laying nest - ECO Recycled plastic poultry feeder with legs 5L - ECO Recycled plastic drinker with legs 4KG *Chickens not included.
Poultry Accessories


igh pressure valve made of ABS and racord of brass 3/8, it has a float adjustable to three levels and a valve adaptable to any high/low pressure regulating tank or drinker . Maximum admissible pressure of 5 bar. Its spring system with attachment to the float allows the water to be cut off at any time and the tank can be cleaned.


Perch for chicks made of phenolic resistant to humidity and weathering. It is composed of three plastic bars that serve as support for the chicks. This same design is available in three different sizes, for more or less number of chicks (cod. 30951, 30961, 30962).
Intelligent scarecrow with ultrasound system, 360º movement detection and solar panel that allows it to recharge automatically. Provides all-round protection for all types of animals, both aerial and terrestrial. Waterproof design that can operate outdoors on rainy days. Each side has an infrared sensor, two LED sensors and an ultrasounds speaker. All...
Poultry Feeders


It includes 2 anti-waste inlets made of resistant plastic that can be installed in any bird feeder that has been previously prepared for this purpose. This system prevents the feed from being thrown away and only what is necessary for consumption is used.
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