Mobile Farmyard "Continental"
Mobile Farmyard "Continental"
Mobile Farmyard "Continental"

Mobile Farmyard "Continental"


The mobile farmyard is designed to develop a sustainable and ecological production, with the aim of differentiating itself from industrial production and pursuing the production of healthy products for people who consume them, as a proposal that unites the needs and demands that society poses to us today, through an alternative and sustainable economy.

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The mobile corral is focused on those farmers and animal lovers who want to develop a sustainable and organic production, with the aim of differentiating themselves from the industrial products and pursuing the production of healthy products for people who consume them, as a proposal that unites the needs and demands that present society presents us, through an alternative and sustainable economy.

It is the perfect accommodation for organic hens and every animal that lives inside shelter, protecting it from the weather, from meteorological phenomena, from predators, etc. The mobile farmyard does not need any foundation, since it is installed on firm ground, favoring a greater well-being of the animal, which can graze in a natural environment with all the advantages that this entails. The Mobile Corral is designed so that it can be moved in order to allow the soil be renewed and so it maintain a stability in the nutrients that the "virgin lands" provide.

It is also an ideal product for farmers who have organic crops, as a poultry Mobile Farmyard provides a source of natural fertilizer for the land. Both hens and chickens dig for worms and small roots that grows on the soil, such typology and behavior favors an excellent oxygenation of the land, while it is fertilized, so that the farmer would get a totally organic crop.

Technical Specifications

The mobile corral is a product conceived for an easy and quick assembly, that the own farmer can mount it in his farm. Made with antiseptic materials of great durability and little need of maintenance. The most important materials for its construction are: galvanized metal structure, sandwich panel of the highest quality of 40 mm in the roof, enclosures and frontis, provided with doors and windows for access and ventilation.

Its excellent insulation characteristics provides the animals with a safe and necessary coat to withstand the extreme temperatures of both the day by heat and the night by cold. Allowing them to go outside freely, and thus enjoy the benefits of the natural environment, fulfilling the requirement of animal welfare in a natural, comfortable, hygienic and healthy habitat.

In order to move it, the mobile corral includes supports with completely removable wheels that are installed through a hook that, with the help of a tractor, rises so that the supports can be installed easily and safely. Once the supports were fixed with the wheels, the corral would be ready to be moved, with the help of the tractor itself, along the firm ground.

The mobile farmyard, makes the most of natural resources. On the one hand, it is possible to reuse the ambient water collected on the dew-covered cover. This can provide the necessary supply for the animals, and even of surplus produce, to be used for irrigation of some small plantation, something that in zones of scarcity of resources can be fundamental.

Competitive advantage

The mobile corral of COPELE, facilitates the ecological production of both meat and eggs, providing a healthier food of higher nutritional quality and better flavor. At the same time, it can generate a source of income for those who choose to orient the breeding and production to a differentiating system, with greater added value, without giving up the comfort and productive means that can be provided by COPELE, such as drinking troughs and automatic feeders or Semi-automatic, easy-to-handle laying nests for organic eggs cups guarantee hygiene and conservation.

As outstanding advantages we can state that a Mobile Farmyard provides us with:

  • Sustainable and organic productions.
  • Highest quality product.
  • Productions on natural environments, achieving a complete animal welfare.
  • Possibility of moving the farmyard not to oversaturate soil as well as fertilize and oxygenate soil of organic crops making a perfect symbiosis agriculture / livestock.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Minimum investment.

A business with a vision for the future

Are you an entrepreneur and looking for a growing business? Are you attracted to organic production businesses? We can help you with our mobile farmyard to produce organic eggs.

Many farmers who have opted for our ecological solution, to change their lives by producing high quality and environmentally friendly products. We have clients from Ecuador, Martinique, Spain, France and Germany.

No foundation

Does not require building permits or additional foundation costs.

Quick Install

Easy assembly that makes it profitable from the first day.

Eco regulations

Complies with European regulations for organic production.

Join the change

We present a profitable business model that will improve the quality of life of many people, differentiating you from industrial and processed products, increasingly unpopular among society.

Dive into a Mobile Farmyard

Experiment with in this 360º video how our farmyard is from inside and outside, all its details, the quality of its finishes and its versatility.

Know in detail all the accessories and equipment you need for your mobile farmyard.

Made 100% in Spain with European raw material.


Our Mobile Farmyard is available in three different sizes allowing you to choose the best alternative for all desired production volumes.


30 m2

180 chickens / chickens
1.8 meters high
6×5 meters of area
2 side accesses


60 m2

360 chickens / chickens
1.8 meters high
6×10 meters of area
4 side accesses


90 m2

540 chickens/hens
1,8 mts height
6×15 mts area
6 side access

Main Advantages

COPELE’s mobile farmyard facilitates the ecological production of both meat and eggs, allowing the hen to graze in a natural environment.

  • Sustainable and ecological productions.
  • Higher quality in the product.
    Improves the welfare of the animal by grazing freely.
  • Ease of assembly.
    Suitable to move it to renovate the soil.
  • Minimum investment.
What equipment or accessories would I need?

For the production of eggs we would need layers, feeders and drinkers.

All these accessories are made 100% in COPELE.

Can the measurements of the mobile farmyard be modified?

The measurements of the mobile corral cannot be modified, since we could not guarantee its mobility. If a different measurement is required, it would no longer be a corral but a ship and could not be moved.

How much is the cost of transportation?

It will depend on the location you are in and the number of mobile farmyards that are installed. If you want us to see your project on time, leave your data in the contact form.

What is the delivery time?

From the moment the order is confirmed, approximately 4-5 weeks depending on the number needed.

Product Details

Measures (front, widht, height)
6x5x1,8 | 6x10x 1,8 | 6x15x1,8 mts
Box Units
1 | 1 | 2
Box Measures
6x1,2x2,45 | 6x1,2x2,45 | 6x1,2x2,45 + 6x1,1x1,2 mts
Approximate Box Weigth
1100 | 1650 | 2200 kg
Units per 20" container
4 | 2 | 2
Units per 40" container
9 | 5 | 4
Units per trailer
11 | 7 | 5


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