Connection for Flexible Pipe

Joints for rubber tubing in automatic drinker installations allowing to extend the scope by joining two pieces of pipe to the drinkers. Its knurled nozzles prevent the rubber tube that carries the water from coming loose. Made of plastic resistant to heat and cold.

Connection Shunt "T"

Connection of three outlets in plastic, to join different sections of flexible pipe, to get the water to as many drinkers as required in a linear or tower way.
Plastic elbow with two outlets for rubber tubing, its two outlets have extrusions, to prevent the connections from falling out. Resistant to heat and aggressive cleaning products.
Adaptateur pour raccordements d’eau de 10 mm avec quatre sorties pour détourner l’eau vers les différentes branches des abreuvoirs automatiques. IL comporte des rainures sur ses quatre sorties pour empêcher le caoutchouc qui alimente l’eau de s’écouler.

Small Rubber Sleeve

Adapter collar for connection of drinkers to rigid PVC pipe. Easy installation due to its flexibility for 9 mm diameter holes.

Water Filter with Stopcock

Filter made of 100% polished plastic, with inlet and outlet designed for flexible rubber connection, with a plastic key at one end to cut the flow of water when necessary. It is attached by thread, facilitating the cleaning of the stainless steel metal mesh inside, ensuring the constant flow of water.

Stainless Steel Water Filter

Stainless steel water filter designed to filter impurities or dirt from water. Ideal for flexible rubber connections. Made of high strength plastic.

Stopcocks Spigot

Stopcock, made of 100% polished plastic, designed with a handle that turns the water flow off when turned. Effective for cleaning drinkers, thus avoiding spilling water unnecessarily.

Nipple for Tank Exit

Water outlet for installation in any plastic or metal tank. It is easily installed in the lower part of the tank by screwing it and tightening it enough to avoid water losses thanks to its rubber washer.
Ensemble à raccorder à l’alimentation en eau au moyen d’un écrou 3/8 facile à installer. À l’autre extrémité, il facilite le raccordement à des tubes en caoutchouc pour les abreuvoirs automatiques.
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