Pigeon Drinkers

Our entire line of pigeon drinkers adapts to all types of breeding needs and pigeon enthusiasts, allowing pigeons to have access to fresh and clean water at all times.

Pigeon Drinkers

Plastic Drinker / Feeder for Birds

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Drinker or feeder for pigeons or birds made entirely of plastic whose design allows easy and quick cleaning. Ideal for water or for any type of food thanks to its internal inclination at the base that facilitates access for the bird. Its exclusive fastening ring allows it to be installed in any type of cage, metal mesh or panel very simply.
Poultry Drinkers

Poultry Drinker "Mini"

Automatic poultry drinker made of 100% polished plastic. Its cup is designed for all types of chickens or hens and its sloping form makes any dirt fall to the removable easy to clean bottom plug, preserving the quality of the water. At the end of the cup is the tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Pigeon Drinkers

Poultry Mixed Drinker

30668 - 30669 - 30671
Automatic poultry drinker made of 100% polished plastic. Its bowl is designed for all kinds of birds and its sloping shape causes dirt to fall into the easy-to-clean removable bottom stopper, preserving water quality. It includes tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Pigeon Drinkers

Chicks Drinker 1st Age

Semiautomatic drinker made in plastic for first age birds with different options for capacity.
Automatic drinker for chickens and other birds, made of 100% polished plastic. It contains a valve that regulates the flow of water in the trough at low pressure, its cover is designed to prevent chicks from dirtying the water
Poultry Drinkers

Automatic Poultry Drinker Kit

Poultry automatic drinker kit with 7 L. water tank and a filter avoiding that dirt can damage the low pressure valve which is inside it. The drinker has four water entrances and it can be totally open for its easy cleaning. Water level is always constant and valve permits his regulation.
Poultry Drinkers

Poultry pan drinker "Copavi"

Automatic drinker for chickens with a cup made in a conical shape that favors the entrance of the bird's beak. Inside, it has a scion sensitive to the contact with which the hen opens the water outlet. It also has a racord for connection to a water tank through the use of a flexible rubber tube, and lateral plastic slots for fixing it to a wire mesh.
Pigeon Drinkers

Tilting Poultry Drinker C-50

70450 -70451
Automatic waterer that keeps your bowl with enough water so that chickens and chickens can drink comfortably and is filled by means of a tilting closure.
Pigeon Drinkers

Automatic Tilting Poultry Drinker

Automatic drinker designed for chickens and other birds. Its tilting system controls the closure of the water passage by the weight of the water present in the bowl.
Pigeon Drinkers

Copavi Pigeon Protector

Protector for Copavi bowl drinker made of 100% polished plastic, special to be used with pigeons. Easy to adapt to the trough, leaving a window free for access to the water. It serves as a protection to prevent dirt from entering the drinker, keeping the water always clean.
Pigeon Drinkers

Drinker for Chickens

Semi-automatic chick drinkers made of high resistance plastic, its reduced height of the plate prevents chicks from accidentally drowning. The drinker is available with or without legs.
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