Electric Heater LGA

LGA infrared heating lamp of 250W ideal for the breeding of piglets and other farm animals facilitating the optimal growth and development of animals in the first days of post-gestation.

Infrared Lamp

40556 - 40557
Infrared lamp ideal for raising chicks of 1st age, made of resistant glass for long-term use and high temperatures.
Dog Accessories

Regulator for Heating Plate

Thermal regulator for polyester plate up to 500W and 3000 W power to regulate the optimum temperature that we want for the thermal plate, seeking the welfare of our dog.
Dog Accessories

Polyester Thermal Plate

Polyester thermal plate that gives your dog an external heat source that helps to increase the temperature of your pet in extreme cold nights.
Infrared lamp holder with metallic protective protector for rearing chicks of 1st age. It includes a 3 meter chain and 4 meter cable and is ideal for all types of lamps up to 660w max.
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