Electric Heater LGA

Electric Heater LGA


LGA infrared heating lamp of 250W ideal for the breeding of piglets and other farm animals facilitating the optimal growth and development of animals in the first days of post-gestation.

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The LGA lamp is widely employed for breeding piglets and other farm animals. The sensitivity of new-born piglets to cold is so critical that it is would be impossible for their breeding to be profitable without ensuring environment temperatures of 35° at birth to 22° on weaning and 20° during fattening. At the same time, pregnant sows and suckling pigs require a temperature of about 15° for best performance. This difference in room temperature between the piglet and the sow makes it necessary to provide a system for additional warming of the litter by means of LGA lamps.

The possibility of the sows squashing their piglets, combined with their extreme sensitivity to cold during the first few weeks, makes it necessary to separate the offspring and provide an additional source of heat for the piglets. This is so important that the more advanced countries in pig breeding cannot conceive that any operation could possibly be profitable without taking these factors into consideration. The layout consists of a space under the lamps separated by bars that the sow cannot cross and where the piglets can remain after suckling. The state of health of the piglets and their growth rate are both factors closely linked to the temperature of the housing. With LGA lamps operating at 230V 250W it is possible to provide sufficient heat for 5 or 6 piglets and more lamps may be used as required provided they are separated by about 50 or 60 cm. Mong the many advantages of LGA lamps are:

  • Once the piglets have suckled and been satiated, they seek the protection of the lamps where they are out of the reach of the sow.
  • The heat radiated by the lamp dries the stall and helps prevent chills and infections. Experiments carried out in Holland have shown that there is a considerable increase in the growth rate. Piglets bred under infrared lamps for five weeks reach the same weight as those bred for seven weeks without radiation.
  • As an aid during birth as in cold periods placing the lamp in the pigsty a few days before birth benefits the sow during birth and warms the floor to receive the new-born piglets, helping to prevent deaths caused by chills.


INFRA-IES lamps replace the classic screw or bayonet socket lamp. This new lamp is specially designed to comply with IEC-355-2-71 Standards and is the only one on the market authorised to bear the CE mark and can therefore be commercialised in all countries of the European Union.

  • It is supplied without the 250 W bulb but with IP66 protection.
  • It is fitted with four metres of power supply cable with an earth connection all of which is vulcanised to the lamp housing. It also incorporates a chain suspension system and safety catch.
  • Anodised aluminium reflector and un-detachable protective grating that opens for easy cleaning of the reflector.


Each lamp is supplied with a booklet containing Assembly, Precautions and Maintenance Instructions.
The height above floor level is fully adjustable but there should never be less than 500 mm of separation between the lamp and the animals.
For any further information, please contact our Technical Dept.

  1. IP66 protection against strong jets water from any direction.
  2. Fulfils legistative requeriments of withstandig a weight of 20 Kg.
  3. Un-detachable grating opens for easier cleaning of the reflector. Should the lamp accidentally fall to the floor, it remains facing upward to prevent any risk of fire.
  4. Black neoprene power cable, vulcanised to the housing and prepared for connection to a connection strip.
  5. All models supplied in boxes of 25 units.

Product Details

Measures (front, widht, height)
30x30x18 cm
Approximate Unit Weigth
0.88 Kg
Box Units
Box Measures
30x30x18 cm
Max. Voltage

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