Pest Control

Find all the solutions for the control of pests that can cause the transmission of diseases to people or animals.

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Mousetrap made of translucent plastic with a modern design that captures rodents without hurting them. It has a rear door with external opening and closing, where the bait for the animal must be introduced. Main door with spring system and side windows with holes to facilitate ventilation of the rodents, thus preventing them from suffocating. Be patient...
The ideal solution for the control of rats and mice in domestic and industrial installations. Its design keeps the bait protected so that only rats and mice can access it.
Intelligent scarecrow with ultrasound system, 360º movement detection and solar panel that allows it to recharge automatically. Provides all-round protection for all types of animals, both aerial and terrestrial. Waterproof design that can operate outdoors on rainy days. Each side has an infrared sensor, two LED sensors and an ultrasounds speaker. All...
Capture Cages

Foldable cat cage - Galvanised

Trap cage for cats or similar animals, it is made of electro-welded and hot galvanised mesh, so it resists corrosion in water. Its system has a trap system with stainless steel cable and rod, which is activated by pressing the animal's paw and the folding door in the form of a guillotine automatically captures it.
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