Pigeon Cages

We manufacture the most complete range of cages and moulting cages for the breeding of pigeons for all type of fans and enthusiasts of the pigeon fancier, making use of the most resistant and durable materials in order to guarantee the welfare and care of the pigeons.

Pigeon Cages

Pigeons Cage "Europa"

70230 a 70237
Pigeon cage 2 departments, configurable in batteries of 1, 3 or 4 heights. Suitable for exhibition, breeding and molting of pigeons. Made of galvanized and lacquered sheet and galvanized wire for enhanced durability.
Cages rack for pigeon molting 2, 4, 6 and 8 sections: Removable tray. Removable mesh floor for easy cleaning. Galvanized for high corrosion resistance. Folding division with the option of joining the two departments. Set of reinforced wheels (optional). INCLUDED: COD. 70867 2 Hollows feeder for pigeons
Pigeon Cages

2 Sections Exhibition Cage

Two-department exposure cage made entirely of welded wire mesh and includes a removable bottom tray in galvanized sheet with high corrosion resistance that prevents dirt from falling to the ground.
Pigeon Cages

Pigeon Capture Cage

Pigeon capture cage with a double hatch door system that only opens towards the interior allowing the pigeons to enter the cage and preventing them from leaving.
Pigeon Cages

Exhibitor 2 Sections Cage

Three-level shelf for the two-section exhibition cage with tray 70729 that allows stacking 3 cages in the same structure allowing easy movement thanks to the fact that it incorporates wheels in its legs.
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