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Dog Accessories

"PetiPop" training collar

Training collar for dogs from 3 to 55 Kg. Its rechargeable battery allows two modes of operation that provide the best in canine training: Safe and proven vibration mode. (Sound / Vibration) Static stimulation for dogs that need stronger action. (Sound / Stimulation) Remote control with a range of up to 500 meters, includes wrist strap and the possibility...
Dog Accessories

Dog Harness "Esparta"

70056 a 70072
Dog harness with tether straps for the dog's chest and abdomen leaving his legs free to run. Its adjustable straps allow you to adjust the harness to the body of the dog so that it feels comfortable.
Dog Accessories

Reflective Strap for Dogs "Esparta"

70025 a 70034
Belt made of 100% polyester highly resistant and very comfortable thanks to its handle padded with neoprene, offering a firm grip, which protects hands from chafing. The strap is light, and has reflective stitching along its entire length, which comes in 150 and 200 cm. to increase safety while walking your pet at night, and metal carabiner to hook on...
Dog Accessories

Canicross Kit "Esparta"

Adjustable belt and belt kit, ideal for walking or running with the dog tied to the waist, leaving hands free, and allowing the practice of "Canicross" with total comfort and safety, both by the padding of the belt, and by its belt Elastic anti-pull and reflective.
Dog Accessories

Dog Harness Small Breeds

Harnais pour petits chiens, de 0,5 à 1,5kg, ajustable au cou et à la poitrine de votre animal pour le maintenir plus solidement et plus confortablement, fabriqué avec tissu doux et très résistant, fermeture de sécurité facile à mettre ou à enlever. Idéal pour marcher ou courir avec votre animal de compagnie.
Dog Accessories

Dog Leash in Nylon

70040 a 70047
Strap for dogs made entirely of Nylon, with a comfortable and secure grip by its handle, ideal for walking with your pet for any environment, thanks to its resistance to effort and all kinds of environmental conditions.
Dog Accessories

Esparta Exhibitor

Expositeur mural en métal galvanisé blanc peint au four, adapté aux charges légères. Muni d’un plateau inférieur de 60x25 cm, partie murale verticale de maille 50x150 cm, adapté à tout type de crochet de suspension standard. Support publicitaire en feuille de tôle blanche laquée de 60x40 cm.
Dog Accessories

Anti-Bark Collar Petipop

1 Reviews
Rechargeable anti-barking collar with two operating modes that provide the best in barking correction: Safe and tested vibration mode. (Sound / Vibration) Static stimulation for dogs that need stronger action. (Sound / Stimulation) Provided with a button to adjust the intensity and a USB cable to recharge.
Dog Accessories

Polyester Thermal Plate

Polyester thermal plate that gives your dog an external heat source that helps to increase the temperature of your pet in extreme cold nights.
Dog Accessories

Regulator for Heating Plate

Thermal regulator for polyester plate up to 500W and 3000 W power to regulate the optimum temperature that we want for the thermal plate, seeking the welfare of our dog.
Dog Accessories

Plastic Slat Plate

Plastic floor plates with a base of plastic rails or galvanized sheet metal that creates a separation between the plastic floor and the concrete of 50 mm. This flooring is ideal for a simple and easy interior cleaning of our dog boxes.
Dog Accessories

"Dosidog" Automatism

1 Reviews
Automation system that adapts to feeders with a deposit allowing it to operate completely autonomously, administering the exact amount of food to your pet at the desired times.

Litter box for cats

15 L capacity. Made of 100% resistant plastic. Made out of two pieces for better cleaning, the pieces are joined together by plastic staples. It has a wide, translucent, tilting and removable door for your pet's easy access. In addition, it has a folding part that allows the upper opening to open in a wider way. It has a handle for easy carrying and...
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