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Anti-Bark Collar Petipop

Rechargeable anti-barking collar with two operating modes that provide the best in barking correction:

  • Safe and tested vibration mode. (Sound / Vibration)
  • Static stimulation for dogs that need stronger action. (Sound / Stimulation)

Provided with a button to adjust the intensity and a USB cable to recharge.


  1. To turn on: Hold down on/off button until you hear 1 beep.
  2. A led number will appear indicating battery life 1-7. 1 is low battery and 7 is fully charged on any computer, for 60 minutes or until you see 7 appear
  3. If a 1 appears, open the rubber enclosure and insert small end of the USB plug and the large end of the USB plug into any port of any computer for 60 minutes or you see the 7 appear.
  4. For static shock mode: push the vibration button several times until 0 appears.
  5. Then press Static Shock button until 5 appears. This indicates the intensity of the static shock, being 7 the strongest.
  6. To use the vibration mode, press the shock button until it shows 0 and push Vibration button several times until it shows the 5.
  7. Then push the S button several times, to 6 or 7, which is the sensitivity needed to have a dog barking activate the unit.
  8. Adjust the button strengths, as needed, to fit your dog special needs.
  9. Make sure both metal prongs are touching your dog´s neck when attaching it.
  10. To turn off: Hold down on/off button until you hear 2 beeps.

Data sheet

Approximate Unit Weigth
70 g
Box Units
Box Measures
23x16x10 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
170 g


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Download (69.01k)

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