Plastic Slat Plate

Plastic Slat Plate


Plastic floor plates with a base of plastic rails or galvanized sheet metal that creates a separation between the plastic floor and the concrete of 50 mm. This flooring is ideal for a simple and easy interior cleaning of our dog boxes.

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The plastic Slat is a plastic slab of 60x40 cm and an approximate thickness of about 2 cm. This product is designed to make a double floor installed in a pit (similar to those for rabbits), which greatly facilitates its cleaning using high pressure water systems. The objective is that the dirt that can remain in the Slat falls into the pit and then this dirt leaves to another common pit where it will later be extracted for recycling.

The floor of Slat needs a support for its fixation. This support is called rail when made of plastic and platen when it is made of galvanized metal. We recommend to our clients to use plastic rails because they avoid the problems of oxidation, taking into account that the urine of dogs is one of the most corrosive urine for metal.

Based on the plastic rails, the Slat does not detach itself to the pit where all dirt from the kennels is contained. It should be noted that the pit needs a step of about 5 cm per side to support the rails. This step should have an approximate height of about 10 cm so that the Slat is completely level with the concrete floor.

Practical Installation Case

We imagine that we have a kennel and we want to put a floor of Slat of 120x180 cm to facilitate the cleaning. We would begin to construct the pit that would be 110x180 cm (since we need 5 cm per side to support the profile), successively put the rails supported on the steps of 5 cm and then install 6 Slats, which are necessary to complete that measure . This can be done as wide as you want, even for 1.2x20 meters.

What if I want to make a moat of 4 meters deep?

In this case a support should be built every 2 meters of the pit of minimum 10 cm of width so that they can support those rails.

Key Benefits:

  • The slat plastic plate provides better hygiene for our dog, since it is not in direct contact with the urine and parasites that accumulate in areas such as porous concrete.
  • It is more comfortable for the animal than a slab or direct concrete.

Product Details

Measures (front, widht, height)
60x40x4 cm
Approximate Unit Weigth
1.6 Kg
0.0096 m3
Box Units
Box Measures
60x40x4 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
1.6 Kg

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