What accessories do you need to equip your mobile farmyard?

Do you like the idea of setting up your own business to produce free-range or organic eggs? Do you like our mobile pen but don't know which accessories are the best? Well, don't miss this Blog where we will talk about all the accessories you need to equip your mobile pen.

A mobile pen is one more than a product, it is a philosophy of life and business. Where we are going to produce eggs of excellent quality since our chickens will be able to freely graze and obtain food freely and naturally. That is why our eggs may have the organic or bio product seal.

But it is clear that not only with installing a Mobile Farmyard we can produce these wonderful ecological and healthy eggs, we must enable the space where our chickens will live in perfect conditions so that they have a space where they can lay eggs, eat grain or feed and drink water. . That is why we have to install also mainly feeding, feeding and drinking fountains. Optionally you can add solar panels to generate electricity with which, for example, you can have lighting inside the pens.

Next, we are going to talk about what products COPELE can offer to help you 100% equip your Mobile Corral or another corral that you have with birds.

Laying Nests

We will start by talking about the nesting boxes, which is one of the super important products to make sure that the eggs are going to be in perfect condition and also to save us time when collecting them. The ideal layer for our mobile pens and any organic poultry production is the COLECTAVI layer. One of the main characteristics is that the egg collection is centralized, this means that by opening a lid you collect all the eggs from that floor. The nest is also suitable for installing a semi-automatic or automatic egg collection belt, making it one of the most versatile nests on the market, giving the farmer multiple possibilities to facilitate egg collection depending on the needs of every moment. This nest can be screwed together to make a block of nests more stable, it is in these cases where the option of semi-automatic or automatic egg collection becomes interesting.

Another advance of this nest is that you can put the mat inside as an option, but it can also work without a mat perfectly, because the egg tank can be raised or lowered depending on whether or not the mat is available. Another important option is the legs, which are offered as an option, but they are very important when installing this product in mobile pens.

ponederdos en el corral móvil


The feeders are also very important, there are feeders made of plastic and others made of metal, the best is always relative since the price / durability factor is important. Plastic is becoming increasingly important among our farmers, but metal has a relatively longer life than plastic. Inside the feeders there are some that are more focused on being inside the pen, such as the 16 and 20 kg hoppers and there are others that are more suitable to be able to put outside, such as the SAFEED and the HOPPER feeders.


In drinkers there would be two large groups, the automatic drinkers and the manual drinkers. Both options are made of plastic, but we recommend the manual waterers more to put outside the mobile pen and the automatic waterers, clearly inside, since, as its name indicates, the water is automatically replenished through a water system. It starts from a tank that through pipes and connections reaches the bell drinkers, which are normally suspended, like the feeders, from the crosspieces of the mobile farmyard.

Hitch Kit

Our farmyards are suitable for mobility, in a slow and controlled way. Thus achieving the natural renewal of the soil where the chickens have been grazing. The mobility of the corral is not the same as that of a car or trailer, this is more limited and is designed to be able to move it a few meters in flat areas with little slope. There are two kits, one for the 30 m2 pens and the other for the 60 and 90 m2 pens. Both kits are easy to install and remove once we find the ideal place to position the farmyard.

Electric Fencing

It is also important to consider the option of installing an electric fence that mainly consists of a conductive mesh for birds, posts and an electric shepherd depending on the characteristics of the terrain and the meters of fencing. This option is very interesting because it allows us to change the location fence and prevents other predators from entering or chickens from leaving the recommended area too far.


As options that COPELE does not offer, we will say that there is the possibility of installing lighting inside the ship that works through solar energy with panels installed on the ridge, and rainwater could also be collected to automatically fill the tank that it supplies water to the drinkers.

Accessories Option List

Here we present the list of accessories recommended for each of the models of our Mobile Farnyard:

When choosing a nest, our recommendation includes all the elements of the following list:

CODLAYING NEST30 m260m290m2
30841 Colectavi 2 Levels 2 4 6
30843 Colectavi leg 4 8 12
30844 Polyethylene Carpet 4 8 12

Of the different options of feeders we recommend one of the following. You can use more than one type of feeder, but you should keep in mind that you should reduce the number of feeders according to the proportion you use of one model or another:

CODFEEDERS30 m260m290m2
30598 Plastic Feeder 16 Kg 6 12 20
30314 Metal Feeder 20 Kg 6 12 20
30763 Safeed 40 Kg 6 12 20
30762 Safeed 30 Kg 6 12 20
30275 Plastic Feeder 30 l with legs 8 16 24

If you want to install a fully automatic drinking solutions, you will need all the elements from the following list:

30234 Bell Drinker 4 8 12
10282 Rubber pipe (50 m roll) 1 2 2
10264 T connection 25 25 50
10373 Plastic Elbow 25 25 50
10470 Water tank 32 l 1 1 2
10469 Water filter/stopcock 5 5 5
30608 Stopcock (2 units) 10 10 10

If, on the other hand, you want to use manual drinkers, you can choose one of the following alternatives:

CODDRINKERS30 m260m290m2
30272 Plastic Drinker 30 l with legs 7 14 21
30618 Chicken drinker 2nd age 12 l 6 12 18
30287 Eco drinker 10 l with legs 6 12 18
30664 Eco drinker 10 l 6 12 18

The hitch kit will depend on the size of your mobile farmyard. In case you have more than one pen, you only need a hitch kit for the moment of moving each one:

CODHITCH KIT30 m260m290m2
30107 Small hitch Kit 1 0 0
30152 Large hitch Kit 0 1 1

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