Enjoy spring with fresh, healthy eggs in your own home

Spring has begun, the season where we leave the cold and the good weather begins. And with good weather life springs, and this also influences animals, for example, cattle produce more milk, the fur of animals is brighter and they enter mating season.

Spring also positively influences our chickens, which considerably increase the number of egg laying compared to the other seasons. This reason is mainly environmental, since it has a greater exposure to light, but the increase in nutrients that spring brings, such as insects and new shoots of herbs and plants, also has an important factor.

COPELE recommends, for those people who have chickens in the wild, nests so that your hens can lay their eggs in a comfortable and isolated place. In all our ranges we have a Layer version and a Nest version. The difference is that the nest has a deposit to store the eggs, protected and isolated and in the nest the eggs are exposed so that the hen can hatch them naturally.

Ponedero plástico confort

Layers are recommended at most for every 6 hens. That is, a nest for 6 hens at most, if you have 4 hens you need at least 1 nest, although you can put more. If you have 7 hens, it is recommended to have at least 2 nests that you can install together or separately within your pen, and so on. Although there are people who get to put up to 1 layer per hen. But be careful, as for the nests, you do need 1 nest for each hen you have at each time incubating eggs, it is evident that you cannot share nests during incubation times.

For any of these cases, if you want a resistant, beautiful and clean solution, we recommend our line of nest / nest COMFORT. This model is made of 100% thermo plastic, resistant to shocks and sudden temperature changes. All its trays are removable and their rounded ends for easy cleaning. Both buckets have legs at their base so that they can be placed on the floor, although we recommend that they be hung on the wall, thanks to their lugs that facilitate the task.

The nest bucket has a deposit so that the eggs remain clean and safe, waiting to be collected. This bucket has a slope that ensures that the egg will roll into the shell. The nest bucket has a seating area so that the hen can easily enter the nest.

COPELE offers multiple options of nests and nests for the market, but without a doubt the COMFORT line is designed for those people who have chickens as a hobby and want to have their eggs raised in a healthy and natural way in their own home.

For our distributors we offer boxes with 5 units, or one unit.

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