Are you thinking of buying a laying nest? You don't know which one to buy? In this blog we give you some important notions to choose your best option.

A laying nest is a product that makes the hens feels comfortable when laying the eggs, and that once laid, the eggs are storaged in a space where they are safe from blows, other predators or even some chickens that try to peck them.

The layers are composed of a body that serves as a shelter for the animal and a bucket. When we talk about the body, it is important to know that this space must have low light so that the chicken feels refugee and comfortable. This will facilitate the laying of your chickens. In the case of individual or department layers, it is important that the interior space is not too wide so that two or more hens cannot enter.

Normally the body of the hedge is made of wood, metal or plastic, the three materials are good options for hens, but the wood will have to be treated from time to time so that it is not a focus of parasites that can cause some discomfort to our animals .

Another fundamental part that composes the layer is the bucket. The bucket differs from the nests in that it has a warehouse where eggs are stored safely. The best buckets are those made of plastic, as they are easier to clean, comfortable for the animal and of better quality. It is important that the part where you step on the chicken does not have any holes, since cleaning becomes extremely difficult because dirt is embedded between the holes. Only holes are allowed in the tank preventing dust and dirt from accumulating that the eggs have been able to catch when rolling through the bucket.

Inside the bucket you have to pay attention to the deposit being large enough for 12 eggs to enter without problems. This is very important because without the eggs they are exposed to the hens, they can chop them to eat them. When lifting the lid to catch the eggs, it is appreciated that it is raised without the need to hold it, so that with one hand we can take the eggs and in the other the tray of eggs to be placed safely.

The legs in the layers are a very useful accessory, especially when you are not sure where to place it or want to have flexibility when you can move it to change it in your chicken coop. This is a great advantage since most of the layers are hung on the wall, only a few manufacturers have incorporated legs to their models, and only COPELE has innovated so that in the same bucket come legs that make it possible for the hearer to put on on the ground with no problem that the egg does not roll. The metal legs raise the hedge and this is also good because it gives the animal more privacy.

It is said that each hole of an individual hedge is suitable for 5 or 6 hens, but it is good to always have two or more holes regardless of the number of hens, since certain more territorial hens usually spend more time in the hedge, preventing the others chickens can enter to lay their eggs. So, although we have less than 6 chickens, it is advisable to buy two apartments.

Ponedero para gallinas

One of the mistakes that many users have is to put straw inside the bucket. For these cases there is the nest, which has the purpose of allowing the chickens to hatch their own fertilized eggs, and is a product that has a cheaper price. If you buy a hedge is because the purpose is that the chicken has an ideal place to lay eggs and that they are kept safe in the best conditions. The nests serve those users who want chickens to hatch eggs in a comfortable place for them.

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