• Livestock
    <p>Under an accredited and solid name in the market, we present the widest range of equipment for livestock. With <strong>designs of the highest quality</strong>, comfort and productive management. Among livestock our products there are: cages, feeders, waterers, hoppers and accessories for poultry, rabbits, swine or sheep industry.</p> <p>We focus our efforts on making products of the highest quality and best performance for chicken farming, partridges, rabbits, sheep and pigs as <strong>we manufacture</strong> products of hunting and capture cages and traps for pest control.</p>
  • Pets
    <p>In COPELE we produce the best pet and companion animals products designed with the highest quality standards providing comfort, wellbeing and durability to the animals in their manufacture.</p> <p>With the experience of over 60 years in the industry we have established in the market different product families that stand out for their <strong>unique designs</strong> and a commitment to sustainability by delivering <strong>products of long life</strong> that cover all care needs of pets adapting to any environment whether urban or rural, household or farm pets.</p> <p>Our feeders, waterers, beds, cages and other items from our pet catalog are focused on the value of <strong>care and respect for animals</strong>, and that is why we always look from our R &amp; D department that each of our products meets this premise.</p>
  • Facilities
    <p>In COPELE we develop all you need from the construction of facilities for livestock and pets, ranging from the foundation, ventilation and insulation, to the custom design of cages, feeding, water distribution and cleaning systems, COPELE is a leading company in achieving successful projects in different countries.</p> <p>We develop the most efficient and innovative solutions for the <strong>intensive farming</strong> of chickens, hens and rabbits at industrial level, looking for the highest performance and efficiency, keeping the welfare and care of animals.</p>
  • Various
    <p>We offer all our customers a <strong>variety of accessories</strong> available for the maintenance and improvement of all kinds of livestock facilities. Water facilities, heating, screens, shelves and other items manufactured directly by COPELE with specific solutions for each livestock sector.</p>

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