Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop "Berlin"

Cabane en bois avec un nid surélevé par rapport au sol pour éviter le contact direct avec l’humidité et pour protéger les poules des conditions environnementales extérieures et des cintres à l’intérieur. Elle possède une porte latérale qui permet d’accéder au nid pour le nettoyage et l’entretien.

2W Solar Kit

Le panneau solaire fonctionne en combinaison avec la cellule sèche insérée (avec suffisamment de lumière, le berger électrique est alimenté par le panneau, le soir, il passera à la cellule sèche).
Water Tanks

Water Tank 7 L with Filter

Water tank of 7 l capacity that includes a filter in its interior that allows to eliminate residues in the exit of the deposit. Its rectangular shape allows it to be easily placed on any cage and held firmly with its two fixing hooks.
Poultry Cages

Laying Hens Battery

Cages battery for laying hens type California in collective sections of 4 chickens per section equipped with galvanized and lacquered feeders, and drinkers. It additionally includes: Anti-waste inside the feeder Feeder made of lacquered steel plate. Protective the egg tray. Egg separators for each section.

Cuni Rabbit Nest

Nest manufactured with highly resistant thermo-plastic. It is easy assembling and sanitizing. Ideal for rabbits breeding and perfectly adaptable to any cage of COPELE range.
Dog Beds

Plastic Dog Bed

Plastic dog bed is a comfortable and durable alternative that give your pet a resting place resistant to use and provides protection thanks to its rigid contour. Additionally it can be complemented with a mattress base and thereby ensure the necessary comfort for your pet.
Industrial Facilities

Industrial Ship "Poli-Naves"

Les Poli-Naves sont des modules extensibles pour les poulaillers industriels conçus pour un montage rapide et facile, offrant tous les besoins de ventilation et d’isolation pour une croissance optimale des poules. La solution idéale pour les projets de production d’oeufs ou d’élevage intensif de poules puisqu’ils permettent l’adaptation de n’importe quel...
Dog Cages

Dog Display Cage

The display cage for dogs COPELE is ideal for transport and exhibition of dogs and other pets because it is easy to carry and its great resistance. Its design allows a wide internal visibility making it the best alternative for pet exposition stands or pet stores.
Dog Birthing Pens

Whelping Box

Our whelping boxes prevent puppies mortality for professional breeders. Manufactured in antiseptics, durable and comfortable materials for the mother and her puppies. The best alternative to prevent the spread of diseases in the most delicate time for dogs life.
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