Laying Hens Battery

Cages battery for laying hens type California in collective sections of 4 chickens per section equipped with galvanized and lacquered feeders, and drinkers.

It additionally includes:

  • Anti-waste inside the feeder
  • Feeder made of lacquered steel plate.
  • Protective the egg tray.
  • Egg separators for each section.
  • COPELE quality guarantee COPELE quality guarantee
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Made of first quality galvanized mesh. This cage is characterized by its easy assembly, since it is sold semi-assembled. Battery hens presents numerous improvements in comparison with the previous model. These improvements are as follows:

  • 7 liters capacity rectangular container. This container includes a filter that is built into the inside of the drum and you will also including their respective "Copavi"drinker and the circuit of gum pipes and connections.
  • Hooks and cover sides of plastic in the feeder, to facilitate the extraction of the cage and subsequent cleaning.
  • Easy-hold legs. Without screwing, just with a twist of the wrist, you put brackets where subsequently introduced is the legs.



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56x70x95 | 106x70x95 | 155x70x95 | 155x110x150 cm
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