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This mobile farm yard is designed for free-range or organic poultry farming in a space of 12.5 m2. It is the perfect housing for 100-120 hens, protecting them from the cold/hot weather, weather phenomena, predators, etc. 
Poultry Cages

Starter Kit 1st Age Chicks

Complete starter kit including: 60x 60 cms. playpen made of galvanised sheet metal that prevents the chicks from getting out. 220V/ 36 W Heater that simulates an artificial hen and gives heat to the chicks by means of a resistance, resembling the shape of the hens when hatching. 1Kg/ 1L Feeder and drinker made of translucent plastic so that the...
Mobile chicken caravan with interior dimensions 150x180 cm; suitable for 25 to 30 hens. Includes tilting drinkers with a 55 litre tank and 4 laying nest with easy egg collection.
Automatic chicken coop door with automatic opening and closing. It is made of weatherproof galvanised metal and has a timer with opening both morning and night, this can be combined with its light sensor, turning it into up to four control modes. It also has a battery-powered LCD panel where we can program the multiple options of the door.
ripod with universal design that provides height for all types of feeders, drinkers and poultry feeders. It is ideal for keeping animal feed high up to avoid dirt and waste of feed. In addition, it has adjustable legs and a hanger according to the height we need.
Poultry Accessories

Plastic Feed Shovel 2,5L

Shovel for loading all types of feed, with a capacity of 2.5 litres. It is made of polished plastic and has an ergonomic handle for easy unloading and cleaning.
Trap cage for cats or similar animals, it is made of electro-welded and hot galvanised mesh, so it resists corrosion in water. Its system has a trap system with stainless steel cable and rod, which is activated by pressing the animal's paw and the folding door in the form of a guillotine automatically captures it.
Poultry Feeders

Hanging Feeder for Poultry

Hanging fodder for poultry made of galvanised sheet metal. It is ideal for keeping the hens' feed at a sufficient height to avoid dirt and rodents.
Farming Tools

Grain Mill With Tank 55L

Electric grain mill made of galvanized sheet metal. It has a system of 3 sieving levels for different types of grinding: fine, medium and coarse. Includes COPELE tank 55 litres.
Poultry Drinkers

Drinking Plastic Bucket 5,5L

Cube-shaped drinking trough made of plastic, its design with a carrying handle allows it to be tipped onto the surface and rested on it to become a drinking trough for animals. It has a safety lock with 5 anchors.
Laying Nests


30953 - 30955 - 30952 - 30954
We present the new laying nest made of 100% plastic of one section, designed for users who have no more than six chickens and are looking for a clean and simple solution for their chickens to lay eggs and keep them clean and safe.
Poultry Accessories

Egg Box with Handle Translucent

30878 - 30879
Egg tray with integrated handle, made of translucent plastic. It has a safety lock and a capacity of 12 eggs.  *Included in the "Free-Range" starter kit (cod. 30964).
This starter kit contains everything you need to set up your first home farm. It includes: - Egg tray for storing and transporting eggs. - 2.5L plastic feed shovel - “Comfort" indoor laying nest - ECO Recycled plastic poultry drinker with legs 5L - ECO Recycled plastic feeder with legs 4KG *Chickens not included.
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