Mobile Farm Yard for Poultry 11m2

Mobile Farm Yard for Poultry 11m2


This mobile farm yard is designed for free-range or organic poultry farming in a space of 11 m2. It is the perfect housing for 100-120 hens, protecting them from the cold/hot weather, weather phenomena, predators, etc. 

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The Mobile farm yard does not require any foundations, as it is installed on firm ground, favouring greater animal welfare, which will be able to graze in a natural environment with all the advantages that this entails.

It is designed so that it can be moved so that we can renew the soil and maintain the stability of the nutrients provided by "virgin land".

It is also an ideal product for organic farmers, as a Mobile Farm yard provides a source of natural fertiliser for the field. Both hens and chickens dig for earthworms and small roots that are produced in the soil, this type of behaviour favours an excellent oxygenation of the soil as well as fertilising it.

Made of the highest quality sandwich panel of 40 mm on the roofing and 30 mm on the wall. Fitted with 2 hinged doors on both sides for the hens to enter and exit. In addition, sash windows for manual opening and closing for proper ventilation of the space, fully adjustable according to seasonal and ambient temperature preferences. It includes aviary mesh on both windows to prevent the entry of unwanted animals such as rats, birds and predatory animals such as foxes and vermin.

Its optimal insulation characteristics provide the animals with a safe and necessary shelter to withstand the extreme temperatures of both daytime heat and nighttime cold. Allowing them to go outside when it is convenient, and thus enjoy the benefits of the natural environment, fulfilling the requirement of animal welfare in a natural, comfortable, hygienic and healthy habitat.

The Mobile farm yard is a product designed for easy and quick assembly, so that the farmer himself can assemble it on his farm. Optionally, you can purchase the moving kit (code 30163) with which a single person can easily move the pen. Even if there are laying troughs inside it, as they can be attached by means of chains that are not too tense and once the movement takes place, everything can be moved easily.

As outstanding advantages we can say that the Mobile farm yard provides us with:

- Sustainable and ecological production.

- Higher product quality.

- Productions in natural environments, achieving full animal welfare.

- Possibility of moving the farm yard so as not to oversaturate land, as well as fertilising and oxygenating land for organic crops, creating a perfect symbiosis between agriculture and livestock farming.

- Easy to assemble.

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Measures (front, widht, height)
440x250x180 cms
White and Green
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