Safeed: New anti-bird and anti-rat automatic chicken feeder

One of the biggest problems that every hobbyist or professional who has free range chickens has is that the feed attracts many “unwelcome visitors”, who come in search of easy food and are transmitters of numerous diseases that can cause problems for our chickens.

COPELE has developed the definitive solution to prevent both rodents and birds from eating and perching on food, so we solve the problem of diseases and possible pests that can cause us a problem both on farms and in private homes.

The most amazing thing about this feeder is its new pedal, which does not need cleaning because it is self-cleaning by the hens themselves when they perch, suitable for all types of hen sizes thanks to its regulation and above all that it is perfectly designed so that, neither rodents, or birds can access the inside of the hopper thanks to the pedal design; It has been previously tested on all kinds of potential vermin to access the feeder.

Many other manufacturers have a platform as a pedal, and this solution does not really work since it accumulates a lot of dirt and is very easy for rats to open, which learn to open it through several individuals who counterweight, or directly by climbing on the platform and pushing the door.

Another advantage for the consumer is that the SAFEED is a mechanically opening hopper that does not require assembly, so the user will not spend time assembling it. This is really very interesting, especially for professionals who want their hens to eat safely and that no rodents can access the inside of the feeder.

The hopper is waterproof, so it can be installed outdoors, although it is always convenient to install it indoors or hanging on the wall through the two holes provided in the backrest. The shape of the interior feeder prevents the hen from dumping the feed, so that feed is not wasted or falls to the ground attracting other unwanted animals.

One of the problems that other mechanically opening hoppers normally have is that the door that gives access to the trough, when closing, makes noise and the hens are frightened to extremes of not coming to eat for fear of noise. Thanks to the design of the SAFEED we avoid all kinds of noise from the opening and closing mechanism of the hopper, ensuring that all the hens will eat from said feeder without problems.

The side window will visually indicate that we need to replenish feed without having to open the top cover and even without having to access the hen house, avoiding stress to the hens. The top cover has a safety lock to prevent it from being opened by the wind, easily by some other animal, or by a child accidentally. This lid can be installed in two ways depending on what the customer prefers, thus making it more versatile when filling it with feed.

The SAFEED comes in 5 different capacities or sizes of 6, 12, 20, 30 and 40 Kg to meet the needs of all kinds of customers, both for those who have few chickens and for those who have many. No other manufacturer offers 5 capacities in this class of hoppers.

It is undoubtedly a hopper that will give a lot to talk about, since it is the best mechanical opening hopper on the market and among the best hoppers in the world since it radically avoids all the problems that are related to pests and the conservation of feed.

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