DICORNE is a family company that wants to bring to the consumer the best products of the field from the hand of the best professionals and with the best techniques. DICORNE arises from the merger of two DIAZ and CORNEJO = DICORNE surnames, with this powerful name the founder José Díaz with the help of his mentor and father Carlos Díaz, they started an enterprise that today involves the whole family composed of Carlos Díaz, Norma Cornejo and his three children Carlos, José and Pablo Díaz.

The DICORNE family has been able to see the needs of the consumer and the increasingly strong commitment of farmers to improve animal welfare as a basis for a better product. DICORNE has been able to help the field and its farmers produce and market various products such as healthy snacks, hummus, homemade jams, chimichurri, and organic eggs of the highest quality, being one of its most demanded products by restaurants Ecuador of the highest level.

Having as a standard the quality, DICORNE has known how to take the best products from the countryside to the city, with the aim that the citizen who lives in large cities can have access to healthy and healthy products of the first level. Having the certainty that the production has been through animal welfare standards and elaborated with the highest quality standards.

Committed to quality production, the DICORNE family undertakes a new adventure in the hands of COPELE, in order to provide livestock farmers with equipment that maintains the philosophy of animal welfare. CRIANI emerged from this alliance, as a company that helps farmers in their breeding adventure that respects the environment, with a first-class team.

CRIANI has been a pioneer company in ECUADOR in the commercialization of the MOBILE CORRAL, and has collaborated with the COPELE R & D team in considerable improvements in the biosecurity of the MOBILE CORRALE with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the management for the farmer . CRIANI in the hands of DICORNE has managed to merge two businesses for the benefit of the farmer and the consumer, bringing to the urban market the best CAMPEROS ECOLOGICAL EGGS. With a laboratory guarantee that confirms that their eggs have more nutrients and proteins than eggs from industrial farms, we can say that the DICORNE family has managed to produce some of the best organic eggs in all of South America

In just 3 years of life, the DICORNE family has demonstrated a clear example of success, the result of commitment to farmers and consumers. Undoubtedly the DICORNE family will give us much to talk about in the coming years, and COPELE feels and feels lucky to belong to this family and collaborate in its growth.

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