"Avicope" Animal Park

AVICOPE is a bird park whose characteristics and dimensions represents the ideal habitat
for broilers, breeding, or exotic birds in suburban or rural environments.

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It is made of galvanized and lacquered, weatherproof materials.
Due to its design, presents a comfortable and clean handling, while preventing access of other birds and rodents.
It has a large side door and hinged roof for access to the interior.
The addition of different accessories (nests, nesting boxes, feeders, drinkers, etc.), gives this park a great versatility of use.
Installation can be performed on flooring or natural terrain and in any case, it can be done on the optional metal tray that is available.

Front: 150; Wide: 80; Height: 110 cm.


Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
150x80x110 cm
Box Units



Park for birds and other animals

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