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Poultry Drinkers

Poultry pan drinker "Copavi"

Automatic drinker for chickens with a cup made in a conical shape that favors the entrance of the bird's beak. Inside, it has a scion sensitive to the contact with which the hen opens the water outlet. It also has a racord for connection to a water tank through the use of a flexible rubber tube, and lateral plastic slots for fixing it to a wire mesh.
Poultry Feeders

Plastic Poultry Hoppers

Plastic poultry hoppers and for other birds of great strength and versatility which is composed of four pieces for assembly: tank, plate, hanging loop and anti-waste-ring that prevents birds from digging in the food so it won't fall to the floor giving higher profits.
Poultry Drinkers

Poultry Drinkers "Eco"

Drinkers made with plastic of high resistance, ideal for chickens and all kinds of poultry in different capacities and available with or without legs for any type of terrain or way of use on the ground or hanging.
Pigeon Drinkers

Tilting Poultry Drinker C-50

70450 -70451
Automatic waterer that keeps your bowl with enough water so that chickens and chickens can drink comfortably and is filled by means of a tilting closure.
Poultry Drinkers

Poultry Pan Drinker M-73

Automatic drinker, made entirely of polished plastic for easy cleaning. Designed with tabs behind the cup to secure it in any type of cage. It includes a spigot that allows water to escape gradually as soon as the bird touches it with its beak.

Connection Shunt "T"

Connection of three outlets in plastic, to join different sections of flexible pipe, to get the water to as many drinkers as required in a linear or tower way.
Farming Tools


Stapler for the union of all types of electro-welded or plastic meshes. It has a handle with injection in plastic, for its comfortable use, an intermediate spring, to facilitate the opening and closing action of the stapler.
Pigeon Drinkers

Chicks Drinker 1st Age

Semiautomatic drinker made in plastic for first age birds with different options for capacity.
Pigeon Drinkers

Poultry Mixed Drinker

30668 - 30669 - 30671
Automatic poultry drinker made of 100% polished plastic. Its bowl is designed for all kinds of birds and its sloping shape causes dirt to fall into the easy-to-clean removable bottom stopper, preserving water quality. It includes tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Rabbit Drinkers

M-73 Saucepan Drinker

Drinker for rabbits in stainless steel with a sensitive spigot that, when activated, allows water to enter the trough 10 mm flexible rubber connection.

Connection for Flexible Pipe

Joints for rubber tubing in automatic drinker installations allowing to extend the scope by joining two pieces of pipe to the drinkers. Its knurled nozzles prevent the rubber tube that carries the water from coming loose. Made of plastic resistant to heat and cold.
Rabbit Drinkers

Rabbit Drinker "Logis"

Drinker for rabbits, made of resistant plastic and stainless steel cup coating, which protects it from bites. Its touch sensitive spigot allows rabbits to drink comfortably. Prepared to be fixed directly on the PVC pipe and provided with two slots on both sides of the bowl that allow it to be attached to the wire.

Holes Mousetrap

Wooden mousetrap with two holes that trap the mouse more effectively, attracting it inside looking for the bait.
Dog Accessories

"PetiPop" training collar

Training collar for dogs from 3 to 55 Kg. Its rechargeable battery allows two modes of operation that provide the best in canine training: Safe and proven vibration mode. (Sound / Vibration) Static stimulation for dogs that need stronger action. (Sound / Stimulation) Remote control with a range of up to 500 meters, includes wrist strap and the possibility...

Stopcocks Spigot

Stopcock, made of 100% polished plastic, designed with a handle that turns the water flow off when turned. Effective for cleaning drinkers, thus avoiding spilling water unnecessarily.
Poultry Feeders

Metal Poultry Feeder

Poultry hopper feeder made entirely of galvanized steel with a handle for hanging and easy transportation of food. It has three different heights to regulate the output of the feed and all endings are rounded to avoid cuts or any kind of injury to animals.
Rabbit Drinkers

Rabbit Drinker "Mini"

Automatic rabbits drinker made of 100% stainless steel polished plastic. Its cup is designed for all types of rabbits or rodents and its sloping form makes any dirt fall to the removable easy to clean bottom plug, preserving the quality of the water. At the end of the cup is the tabs that fix the sprue to the cage to ensure its proper functioning.
Capture Cages

Capture Cage for Mice

Mousetrap made of wire mesh, allowing mice to see the bait inside. Easy-to-use trap system by means of a lever at the end of the interior with hook to the door, the rodent when activating the trap is trapped inside.
Dog Drinkers

Dogs Drinker with Bottle

The dogs drinker with bottle in the new improved version allows a supply of clean and fresh water constantly and with greater autonomy in three sizes of 12, 8 and 5 liters allowing regardless of race or size of your dog you can have enough water without the need to constantly serve.

Stainless Steel Water Filter

Stainless steel water filter designed to filter impurities or dirt from water. Ideal for flexible rubber connections. Made of high strength plastic.
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