Poultry Drinkers

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Pigeon Drinkers

Chicken Automatic Drinker

Automatic drinker for chickens and other birds, made of 100% polished plastic. It contains a valve that regulates the flow of water in the trough at low pressure, its cover is designed to prevent chicks from dirtying the water
Poultry Drinkers

Automatic Poultry Drinker Kit

Poultry automatic drinker kit with 7 L. water tank and a filter avoiding that dirt can damage the low pressure valve which is inside it. The drinker has four water entrances and it can be totally open for its easy cleaning. Water level is always constant and valve permits his regulation.
Poultry Drinkers

Bucket Drinker

Drinker for hens and chickens made of galvanized sheet, in different capacities 7 liters and 12 liters. Designed with a metal support to give stability to the bucket in its lying-on-the-ground operation, this drinker offers clean and fresh water since, not receiving direct light, it prevents the proliferation of fungi in the water.
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