Rodent Bait Stations

The ideal solution for the control of rats and mice in domestic and industrial installations. Its design keeps the bait protected so that only rats and mice can access it.

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  • Made 100% polypropylene of high impact.
  • Avoid contact with children, pets, avoiding danger in its use.
  • It protects the bait by lock and key.
  • It allows the use of solid and liquid baits.
  • Three models to install easily into all kinds of areas.

How to use

Locate the bait in places frequented by the rodents with holes input/output on the wall. Feeders are designed so that they are easily accessible to rodents.


Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
23x13x8.5 | 23.5x20x10 | 31.5x10.5x8.5 cm
Approximate Unit Weigth
440 | 300 | 260 g
Box Units
5 | 5 | 6
Box Measures
31x30x32 cm | 30.5x18x32 | 30.5x18x32 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
2.2 | 1.5 | 1.5 Kg


Rodent Bait Stations


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