Euro-7 "Grande"

Industrial module of 1 floor, designed with plastic sides that give warmth to the module. Designed with special plastics impossible to gnaw, and in 2 different pit sizes (1.8 and 2 m). Its capacity is 12 multi-purpose departments, to which you can adapt the maternity equipment sheet or plastic independently. The nest is conveniently removed from the upper part of the apartment.

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  • Nest fronts made of plastic, individually with door for controlled breastfeeding manually operated from the outside. Or with the possibility of centralizing it
  • Nests with sandwich pails, made of high quality plastic material, placed on the floor slope.
  • Made of reinforced galvanized rod and top quality sheet metal.
  • Collective doors for three departments with two positions: to access and manage the nest and total opening of the cage, allowing free access to all its interior.
  • Water installation with rigid PVC pipe that allows adapting any automatic drinker (Logis cup, pacifier, etc.).
  • Designed for a quick and easy revision of the nests.
  • Special plastic nest sides that resist strong pressures, avoid dirty corners and rabbits can not gnaw it.
  • Central round hopper, for four departments, removable, 12 kilos capacity, made of first quality plastic and galvanized sheet plate (optional stainless steel).
  • Trough of eight holes (two per department), allowing a good distribution of the feed between the rabbits.
  • All modules allow any feeding system (car, automatic auger, manual, etc.).
  • Designed to incorporate anti-urine protective sheet, optionally.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
243x188x110 | 243x208x110 cm
Galvanized sheet
Pit Width
180 | 200 cm
Department Measures
90x40x38 | 100x40x38 cm

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