Cuni-12 "Grande"

Industrial module of 1 floor, designed with sheet metal sides that give freshness to the module. Designed with special materials against rodents, and in 2 different pit sizes (1.8 and 2 m). Its capacity is 12 multi-purpose departments, to which the maternity equipment can be adapted. The nest is conveniently removed from the upper part of the department.

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  • Individual nest fronts with door for controlled lactation manually operated from the outside. It also has an optional system to do it centrally.
  • Nests with sandwich pails, made of high quality plastic material, placed on the floor slope.
  • Manufactured in reinforced galvanized rod and sheet with a high level of galvanized.
  • Collective doors for three departments with two positions: only nest management or also full opening of the cage, allowing free access to all its interior.
  • Water installation with rigid PVC pipe that allows adapting any automatic drinker (Logis cup, pacifier, etc.).
  • Designed for a quick and easy revision of the nests. Nest sides made of sheet metal, avoiding corners of dirt and drafts. Central round hopper, for four departments, removable, 12 kilos capacity, made of first quality plastic and galvanized sheet plate (optional stainless steel).
  • Drinker of eight holes (two per department), allowing a good distribution of the feed between the rabbits.
  • All modules allow any feeding system (car, automatic auger, manual, etc.).
  • Designed to incorporate anti-urine protective sheet, optionally.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
243x191xx100 | 243x211x100 cm
Galvanized sheet
Pit Width
180 | 200 cm
Department Measures
90x40x38 | 100x40x38 cm

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