Cages Module Males for Insemination

Male module designed to optimize any daily process of the veterinarian. One of its greatest advantages is the individual extraction of the basket for the individual handling of each male. The box is designed with visors to improve the welfare of the animal as it reduces levels of stress. The floor is reinforced galvanized mesh, suitable for adding foot rests.

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This madule is prepared to house a male for each department, the sides and fronts are totally closed with microperforations on the sides to reduce rabbit stress due to external agents. The reason they are closed is to avoid fights and spots by urine from one male to another. The floor of the baskets is made of reinforced galvanized wire of high resistance, and can incorporate foot rests, to improve the welfare of the male.

The feeder is a department with a wider than normal opening so that the male can put his head without suffering discomfort on the sides of the head. The capacity of this feeder has between 2.5 and 3kg depending on the thickness of the pallet, and in the cradle or lower part of the feeder is composed of microperforations to screen the dust that generates the same feed.

The drinkers are a pacifier or bowl, at the request of the cuniculturist. All these drinkers are connected to each other through a PVC tube that is fed by a regulating tank. One of the advantages of our basket is that you can make modules of eight or four cores and individually you can extract any basket without the need to manipulate the core.


Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
212x137x133 cm
Galvanized sheet
Pit Width
129 cm
Department Measures
51x65x38 cm

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