Automatic Drinker for Horses

Automatic Drinker for Horses


Automatic aluminum waterer for horses that maintains a constant volume of water and a high pressure regulating valve to control the water level. It is easily attached to the wall and can be connected to a hose or water pipe.

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This automatic horse drinker is made entirely of aluminium that keeps a constant water level. It can be connected to a hose, and its level is adjustable.


The installation is very simple; It is just necessary to put the drinker to the wall using lag screws, and then it has to be connected to the hose. The filter has to be connected between the tube line and the valve. Its high pressure floating valve, keeps the water fresh and clean permanently.

Drinker Recommended Height:

Horse Drinker Recommended HeightHorse height to chest

Recommendations for Use:

  • Avoid placing it under direct sunlight so that the water do not get hot.
  • Keep the drinker clean.
  • Periodically check the water level regulation.

Water level adjustment

  • Unscrew the hexagon screw and remove the cover pushing up putting pressure.
  • Tight the screw (1) to lower the level or loose it to make the level rises.
  • Tight the hexagon screw again (2).
  • Check that the float (3) do not get stuck (this would indicate the water level is minimal or null) and that it is not too loose this would indicate that the water level is very high, and may overflow).

Install of a horse automatic waterer

Product Details

Measures (front, widht, height)
23x30x12 cm
Approximate Unit Weigth
2.8 Kg
Box Units
Box Measures
31x25x15 cm
Approximate Box Weigth
2.8 Kg

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