REAL Automatic Incubator

REAL Automatic Incubator


The new automatic incubator REAL, is suitable for incubation of 12, 24 or 49 eggs the size of goose or chicken, or 48, 96 or 196 partridge, quail or any bird, depending on the model, without changing accessories.

The line of incubators REAL has the most advanced technology in the science of artificial incubation, it is a masterpiece of engineering.

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  • 24 Eggs
  • 49 Eggs
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The line of automatic incubators "REAL" is suitable for incubating any type of egg, with capacities of 12, 24 or 49 eggs the size of goose or chicken, or 48, 96 or 196 partridge, quail or any bird, depending on the model, without changing accessories.

It has an automatic system of turning of 45º of rotation, which is done very slowly from side to side, an almost imperceptible way. This turning is necessary for the embryo does not remain attached to the shell membrane, thereby avoiding casualties.

Key Features

  • The incubator is made of plastic material with Biomaster additive, which contains an innovative component, which prevents the growth of bacteria and contaminants that may affect the asepsis of the device.
  • Its special tray, allows to place by hollow, one or four eggs according to size, vertically, positioning more conveniently, while considerably reduced space.
  • Digital display for comfortable and precise handling the incubation environment.
  • Automatic continuous monitoring software digital, of temperature, humidity and ventilation, avoiding stops and starts with its consequent variations in optimum levels.
  • Water filling is performed outside the incubator, so opening is not required, avoiding the alteration of the environment.
  • The inner perimeter ventilation, which is distributed more homogeneously environmental conditions.
  • Quality control of the BOROTTO incubator is done individually to each unit.
  • The product complies with EEC quality and safety, and provides a grid that prevents accidental access to the mechanism and the heat source.

The REAL incubators have three patented systems:

Universal Sockets system

First and only Cup eggs professional able to accommodate all types of goose to quail eggs, upright. In all the cups can be placed, rather than a hen's egg, 4 eggs of small size, allowing that up to 196 quail eggs can incubate in a very little space, reducing power consumption.

External water filling

Internal water tanks can be filled by hand, by pouring water on inserts from the outside of the incubator. Its handling is fast and convenient, drastically reducing the loss of humidity and temperature that otherwise would be lost with the opening of the incubator.

Thermally insulated ventilation

Internal ventilation is provided by a silent turbine, which sucks air from the bottom and takes him on the side walls, creating a barrier of hot air. In addition, thanks to a refined and streamlined design unique in its category, ensures uniform humidity inside the incubator.

Recommendations for use

In the first phase of incubation, eggs should be placed inside the incubator with the thin pole down, since this will favour the development of the embryo and that the head of the embryo towards air (space between the egg and the shell). The turning of eggs should be about 18 days, during which occur are 6 Volt complete daily (one every 4 hours).

Water, necessary to maintain the level of humidity, potting is done using tube which has the incubator, thus putting the same nozzle in any container with warm water, will not have to open the incubator. It must be taken into account, too much moisture can damage the eggs, so it is advisable to fill water only recommended, usually 2 times a day, and in summer a greater quantity of water. The humidity inside the incubator should be 45 to 55% and the temperature of 37.7°C, while it is recommended that the temperature of the place where the incubator is is aged between 14 and 18 ° C and the humidity between 65% and 75%.

They are controlled by the electronic board and regulate permanently the optimal parameters of: temperature, humidity and ventilation, without causing starts and stops to achieve certain minimum or maximum ranges. In addition, an advanced software allows programming, control and maintain the ideal temperature of the egg (37.7°C) being that the really interesting is to keep. Thus we achieve the most favorable environment for optimal incubation.

(Possibly notice that the eggs that are found in the central row of the incubator, are hotter than others, this does not affect the development of the embryo, this is only because of the central position, it is not relevant).

From day 18 we turn off the incubator and remove the eggs from the Pan, so cease your chicks tumbling. It will lower the temperature 37.2 ° c to allow in the three days following hatching. They need to position itself within the egg to first chop the membrane that gives access to the air bubble and then chop the egg shell and they do better if they are quiet and peaceful.

Hatching begins 18 to 21 days, when the embryo made a hole through the membranes and its peak overlooking the air Chamber. Therefore, the 18th day after turning off the engine of the incubator, take the eggs (still in a vertical position), we left them very carefully on a soft/soft surface such as a towel or blanket, put the plastic grille at the base of the incubator and return to lay their eggs inside the incubator very gently, we close the lid , and return to put water warm (moisture will then around 60-65%).

Then begins the hatching, these 3 days do not open the incubator, although born chicks, so do not leave the moisture they need, if it is strictly necessary, it is recommended 1, 2, maximum 3 times day, to remove those already born, although they must be within 12 hours, since they are born, and can be up to 3 days (max) without problem.

Product Details

Measures (front, widht, height)
500x380x260 | 580x570x250 cm
24-96 | 49-196 eggs
230 V 50-60 Hz
Max. Output
100 | 150 W
1 | 2 kW-24 h


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