Poultry Breeder Cage

Breeding cage with capacity for 20-30 chicks that is made of white lacquered sheet and painted sheet in the oven. It also consists of a heater with light bulb and a feeder and drinker.

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The Breeder cage is the ideal habitat for the early days of chicks, partridges, pheasants and every kind poultry that can be self-sufficient at birth. Its characteristics more important are:

  • This product is very efficient in saving lives of newly hatched poultry, with high energy efficiency, due to its size and cylindrical shape and an infrared heat shield with deflector, we get maximum performance with low power consumption.
  • Its design facilitates cleaning and disinfection comfortable and deep, seeking hygienic space necessary to days of more defencelessness.
  • The cylindrical shape also avoids agglomerations at corners that injure or exclude some animals.
  • Your leaky roof, as its transparent front, allow a perfect visual control within the park, extolling the beauty of animals.
  • The three legs of which is provided, make rises the set on a table or counter making it a practical and decorative element.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
72x72x79 cm
Galvanized sheet
Approximate Unit Weigth
7.8 Kg
Box Units
Box Measures
72x72x40 cm


Breeder Cage

Breeder cage Data sheet

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