Dog Kennel Montana

Dog Kennel is a doghouse entirely made of galvanized metal sheet, finished in plastic with white and green color or a wood texture that has a high durability and resistance to the elements.


The Montana Dog Kennel has a classic design, composed of a gable roof.

It is fully manufactured in galvanized metal sheet, finished in plastic wood coloured, also with a charge of high pressure laminate base.

Its design, feel, and details give it the overall appearance of one clasic wood kennel. This products present the following advantages:

  • Fully weatherproof providing a longer lifetime.
  • It doesn't need maintenance to preserve original its colour and looks.
  • Allows the cleaning and disinfection, without leaving moisture preventing mites.
  • In extreme temperatures, behaves slightly better than wood.
  • Its assembly is simple, fast and easy to move.
  • Made with recyclable material.

Data sheet

Measures (front, widht, height)
80x83x75 | 100x101x106 cm
Galvanized sheet
Approximate Unit Weigth
32 Kg
Box Units
Approximate Box Weigth

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