How to teach your dog to sleep in his bed

Although your dog's favorite place in the whole house is to sleep in your bed, it is always advisable to teach your dog to sleep in his own bed. Maybe one day you have to sleep away from home or have health problems and your dog can not sleep with you in the same bed. For this and many other reasons, it is important to teach your dog to sleep in his bed and help him to be more independent and calm when he is not with you. Keep reading this article where we will explain in more detail how to do it and what is the best dog bed for your dog.

How to make my dog sleep in his bed in 5 easy steps

In theory the solution is very easy, do not let your dog climb on your bed under any circumstances and follow the steps in this article. However, many times we get carried away by its charms and look at us with that endearing look and in the end we give in and let it sleep with us.

Step 1 - Initial instructions

Before starting to educate you but to sleep in your bed, it is important that you consider the following. When you start education, you must follow and be strict with the rules.

If from time to time you ignore the rules and let him get into bed, he will think that your bed is his bed and when you order him to get off it will be a confusion for him and it would be a problem to complete his education. All members of your family should know and respect the new rules.

Step 2 - Choose and buy a suitable bed for your dog

Fortunately in the market there is a wide variety of beds for dogs but not all cover basic needs and the welfare of your dog. We recommend that you buy a bed that matches your size and age. To help you better in your purchase, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  • It is recommended that the bed be easy to wash: A bed that is removable so that it can be put in the washing machine is ideal. There are also beds with waterproof or poly - skin fabrics that protect the mattress from moisture and odors and are easy to wash.
  • Choose a bed suitable for your size and age: You must take into account the size of your weight, because the greater the weight, the better the thickness of the mattress should be. A puppy can sleep perfectly on almost any mattress. If your dog likes to stretch while sleeping, a square dog bed will probably be your best option. But if your dog likes to sleep in a ball or is a puppy, a round bed will be the ideal one for him.

As we mentioned earlier in the market there is a wide variety of beds for dogs but the quality and welfare of your pet is paid. At COPELE we offer the best quality and guarantee in beds for your dog.

Step 3 - Familiarize your dog with the bed

Once you have bought the ideal bed for your dog, the next thing will be to teach him to recognize the bed and encourage him to use it. You must choose a phrase or word that you will use when you want your dog to go to bed. For example, "Toby to bed" or "Bed". At first, the only thing your dog will do is look around her. He always directs his attention to that area and places some sweets in the bed so that he relates them to something positive.

At first try to reward your dog with compliments, caresses and treats for dogs, just for being in his bed or passing by her side. At the exact moment you do, give him an excited "Very good boy" or give him a treat. Try to send him to bed or pay attention until the education process improves, but without straining.

Also for the training of your dog is much easier you can teach your dog to lie down, this will make your faithful friend lie down in the place you want including the bed.

Step 4 - Place the bed in several places in the house

This will make your dog get used to sleeping in other places in the house or even in other houses.

Move the bed to the place you want. These places do not have to be near you, at least at the end of training, so you will also help your dog to be more independent of you in his time of rest.

Step 5 - Training process tips

After encouraging him to lie down in bed with sweets and as the process progresses, he only tries to say the chosen order and reduces the delivery of prizes but without forgetting the compliments and caresses.

Once your dog is lying in bed and it is time to sleep, if we see that you want to get out of bed go to yours, say "no" and take it back to yours. If you do it correctly do not forget to reinforce your behavior positively.

Remember that on hot summer days you will not want to use your bed to sleep because of the heat, in these cases you should not scold or avoid it.

Try that your dog has free access to the bed whenever he wants.

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