Pet Products Manufacturer 

In COPELE we produce the best pet and companion animals products designed with the highest quality standards providing comfort, wellbeing and durability to the animals in their manufacture.

With the experience of over 55 years in the industry we have established in the market different product families that stand out for their unique designs and a commitment to sustainability by delivering products of long life that cover all care needs of pets adapting to any environment whether urban or rural, household or farm pets.

Our feeders, waterers, beds, cages and other items from our pet catalog are focused on the value of care and respect for animals, and that is why we always look from our R & D department that each of our products meets this premise.

  • Dogs

    We have extensive experience and a specialized research and development team to produce the best products for dogs. We manufacture cages, feeders, waterers, kennels and much more always with the best quality and durability but above all putting the safety and welfare of pets.

  • Pigeons

    We make the best products for pigeons manufactured with the best quality to maintain the health and welfare of both pigeons in cages, and transport them.

  • Birds

    The latest developments in cages, feeders, waterers made directly by COPELE for canaries and all kinds of birds, always thinking about your comfort and rest with the latest designs.

  • Horses

    In COPELE we manufacture products for horses thinking in the comfort and animal welfare. Our line of feeders, automatic waterers and all accessories for breeding and care of horses are made with materials highly resistant to different environmental conditions to ensure a long lifetime.

  • Hamster

    A full range of products for hamster and other pets, from cages to specific accessories to keep your pet healthy and protected.