Rabbit Breeding

The most complete line of products and solutions custom tailored for breeding rabbits at industrial level. Cages, feeders and waterers designed to offer the best performance and scalability for industrial buildings of any size.

In COPELE we work with large rabbit sector professionals in order to develop successful projects with high profitability with the experience of many industrial facilities with different characteristics in several countries and in different types of weather.

Manufacturer of Products for Industrial Rabbits Breeding

Rabbit Breeding


  • Modules 2 Levels
    <p>The most advanced line of cages of two floors for rabbits at an industrial level designed for the intensive breeding of rabbits, respecting the highest levels of well-being of rabbits and their babies, a better ergonomics for the cunicultor and achieving a greater efficiency in the surface of the ship, which translates into more profitability per square meter of installation.</p>
  • Modules 1 Level
    <p>Our one-floor cage range has one of the most varied on the market with polyvalent and replacement modules, in different materials and types of nests. All modules have the highest quality and functionality for the comfort of the grower; because we know that the office of the breeders are our modules.</p>
  • Male Modules
    <p>Modules of industrial rabbit breeding destined for the breeding of males. Ideal for individual handling by male, since it allows the extraction of the cage easily and simply.</p>
  • Optional Systems
    <p>Learn about all the optional systems of our industrial rabbit production modules. All the necessary complements to optimize the management of all the general farm aspects, facilitating the management, maintenance and profitability of the rabbit farms.</p>

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